CryEngine Shooter NEXUIZ Heading To PS3 and 360

Developers Illfonic have today released six new screenshots from their recently revealed XBLA and PSN first person shooter, which is powered by CryENGINE 3.

Nexuiz is, according to the press release, a “fast paced Arena first-person shooter with competitive game play” built specifically for consoles. The game features a ‘mutator’ system which allows players to alter the rules for matches based on their rank.

Nexuiz will launch with Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag modes, with additional content available down the line as DLC.


  1. Looks pretty generic, but you never know, it might be alright. They’ll have to be careful with the pricing though: it’ll be very easy to charge too much.

    • yeah, that’s the word i was looking for.


  2. Whoopie dee. Yet ANOTHER first person shooter. Aren’t we suffering from a glut of the things at the moment? I used to be a fan of the genre but this FPS-overload and my age (nearly 49 and not liking it one bit!) have put me off.

  3. I ony play games with names I can pronounce.

    • It’s probably pronounced Nezzuz or something daft like that (like the great Xenon games back in the day!). Let’s hope the only thing non-generic about this game isn’t the name.

      • Xenon is a real word, therefore easy to pronouce.

      • i tried to use xenon in scrabble and my sister didn’t believe it was real.

  4. Is this the first game console or otherwise that has used the CryEngine (apart from Crysis). I cant seem to remember any

    • The original Far Cry was developed by Crytek and used the original CryEngine, the CryEngine2 (the current one) has only been used once, I think, outside the handful of Crysis games.

      The new engine CryEngine3 is the first to work on consoles and this will be the first game (well, this or Crysis2 depending which is out first) released with the engine.

      Crytek want the CryEngine3 to be the middleware of choice, and in the latter half of this generation it may just do it as the Unreal Engine3 is getting on abit, isn’t great on the PS3 (framerate issues, screen tearing and no anti-aliasing support) and I believe Epic have targeted the UnrealEngine4 for the next generation of consoles.

      boy, that was a longer answer than just saying: yes

      • nice answer. Should look good by the time it comes out? Screens don’t do that much for it.

  5. Looks really bad. Shitty engine I suppose.

    • shitty engine? Crysis2 will use the same engine and that looks unbelievable. dont hate the engine, hate the person that makes shiity use of it :)

  6. I’m surprised no one has mentioned this before, but Nexuiz isn’t really new at all. It originated as an open source project that spawned the console version.

  7. Hmmm, Free linux games appearing in the online stores – is this the start of a trend?

    • Crash Commando was just a jazzed up remake of Soldat a free PC game, still bloody good fun though :D

      • Loads of games are just flash games with a pricetag on, doesn’t stop them being good though.

        Although Nexuiz is an open source game, so I do wonder if other will cross the bridge to consoles, not that that there that many worth having that aren’t already far surpassed

  8. Looks colourful but a bit generic.

  9. Unreal Tournament lookalike it seems (that’s a good thing)

  10. looks like absolute trash tbh. hope thats just a demo of how poor CryEngine3 and todays gaming standard can be. Was these screenshots from the gaming era of 2005 where developers were experimenting on improving on HUD visuals???
    LOL its gotta be sum jap crap or summin! maybe Wii 2.0 with HD graphics xD

    • i think it looks quite pretty.

      the issue for me would be physics, more specifically gun physics, UT series has always delivered amazing guns. i hope this “look-a-like” will be the same, since for me, thats the deal clincher.

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