Firmware 3.42 Causing Problems?

Hey everyone, guess what? Go on, guess, bet you can’t! Oh alright clever clogs you read the headline, people are reporting Firmware 3.42 is causing problems.

Except it’s not. A bold claim by me as:

  1. I don’t work for Sony.
  2. My PlayStation works fine.
  3. It’s been 15 years since I earned my BSc in Computer Science and there is no way I could tell what the Firmware update did if I had a look at the code.

However I do have an ability that seems to be lacking in others: common sense. Let’s look at the evidence as to why I am certain 3.42 is fine.

Firstly, the new update does not seem to be causing everyone problems, just the odd person. As I’m sure you are aware every batch of PS3s are the same. All 60 gig PS3 Slims are they same, all 40gig PS2 backwards compatible PS3s are the same. They are fed the same update, identical updates on identical machines. If the update corrupts one machine it should corrupt all of them.

This was ably demonstrated by Sony when the ApocalPS3 occurred and the PlayStation clock chip went a bit wibbly counting the days in February. All – not just a couple – all of the fat PS3s decided to throw a fit.

Secondly, those reporting problems do not report the exact same problem. The complaints include the PS3 is crashing, some games do not work, problems with sound and a couple of people experienced a crash during the update. The YLOD makes it’s scheduled appearance too.

All the reported problems can happen at anytime not just after a firmware update. PlayStations occasionally go wrong as do washing machines, cars, Xbox 360s, electronic egg whisks and threesomes (they always seem a good idea at the time.).

If there was a genuine problem with the update then there would be millions – not just tens – of complaints. A few people are experiencing the same problems that everyone else has on the days there are no updates.  There is no problem and the inevitable reports of the latest Firmware being blamed for a string of problems is getting tiresome, if there was a genuine error we – and Sony – would let you know.

If your PS3 is having problems after the current update it is a coincidence. A crappy, annoying coincidence but a coincidence all the same.  Your PS3 doesn’t work, your girlfriend left you, they postponed the last episode of True Blood due to Labor Day. Nothing ever works out as you want. Shit happens, it’s called life – get used to it.

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  1. Mine’s working fine, the threesome went excellently!

  2. nothing to do with the update as its happened once before, but i sort of had cross game chat. I was playing uncharted2 online and quit out of multiplayer and could still here the people i’d been playing with through my headset?!?!? not cross game but weird, has this happened to anyone else?

  3. Whilst installing the update on mine it kept coming up with an error whilst installing and bricked it effectively but then again it probably wasnt the update itself but it could of got corrupted whilst downloading it. Either way its broke and sony are replacing it for me free and it did happen to my launch model as well i have the 60gig with ps2 comp. and all the usb and mem. slots. Like you say if it was a problem withe the update surely if would affect alot of people.

  4. I am yet to update cos I don’t have plus and haven’t had time to play on my PS3 for a few days. There is a Nexus One and HTC Desire PSGroove mod now too which I might have a play with before I update, just to satisfy my inner geek. I love modding my phone and I’m interested to see the thing first hand.
    What is the current legal situation? Am I breaking any rules if I just play with PSGroove without any backup managers or anything?

    • No, you’re not using copyrighted code in anyway and you’re not circumventing security measures so AFAIK its OK to experiment

  5. I agree with what was written, however if my PS3 broke due to no fault of my own I would be livid. I’ve had it a year and a half and I paid shed loads of money on the belief that the item I was buying worked to some sort of standard. It is why I was so disgusted with my 360 for breaking after 3 months. No product you buy should fail to function after such a short space of time. Fair enough if I paid a tenner for it, but not £300!
    So for me it makes no difference if the firmware upgrade caused it or not. Something did, and thats bad enough…
    Although I have to say most of my electronic products I own are Sony due to the fact I have never had a bad experience yet (touch wood!)

  6. Threesomes?? Pfft!! it was the gangbang that broke me :P

  7. Ah the ApocalyPS3…that was a fun event haha.

  8. I haven’t been able to sync my trophies in 6 weeks =(

  9. @Tuffcup:
    Do you really have a degree in Computer Science? Reading your article I find this hard to believe (the degree of common sense used is also questionable in my opnion).

    I have a number of degrees in computer sciense. I also work as a software engineer.

    Firstly my experience with the 3.42 update. Ran the update in the evening and used the system for about an hour after which powering it down. While booting it the evening after I get the YLOD. The PS3 won’t even enter troubleshoot mode. I swapped the HD with the original one. Which indicates it isn’t a HD failure. It laso isn’t deu to overheating since the console would’ve stopped working while in use. Checked the power supply no issues there.

    Now when evaluating this the most probable reason for the failure is the update.

    Some incorrect asumptions you made in your article:
    – Yes in theory each PS3 platform (hardware) is equal however there always minor discrepancies. For instance if you take 3 systems which are exactly the same and try overclocking each one till their max the achivable max will most probably differ quite a bit. This has to do with the manufacturing process.
    – The software installed and pheriopeals connected to each PS3 differ. Since this update is reported to add an extra layer of defense against hacking attempts intergrated into the firmware this update could created problems for a select group of owners
    – The issues occurred because of suchs an update may very well vary. A bug doesn’t have to manifest itself the same way on each system/configuration with each dataset.
    – The possibility of it being a few isolated incidents which are unrelated exists however this far from fact.

    • Dear Nemesis,

      1) Its TuffCub. Lean to read.
      2) Its ScienCe not ScienSe. And due not deu..
      3) Your argument about Overclocking is ridiculous. We’re talking about a patch to code. Overclocking a processor will give varying results depending on the quality of the components. The patches are not forcing your PS3 to work faster but changing the OS.
      4) I concede your point regarding peripherals, but I would assume that Controllers, PSEye etc. have all been tested with the patch.
      5) The issues sould not vary. If they fucked up something on audio drivers (as one person claims) why would that make Blu Rays play at half the picture size (as someone else claimed). Totally unrelated incidents If they were all audio based problems or all disc problems the you would be correct. They are not.

      It could of been the firmware that borked you PS3.. but equally it could of just YLOD just after for another reason. YLOD occur all the time. As I said – shit happens.

      FYI. Just had a look and Four users on in the US PS Forums claim 3.42 YLOD their PS3. Four. Out tens of millions.

      I rest my case.

  10. “All 60 gig PS3 Slims are they same, all 40gig PS2 backwards compatible PS3s are the same.”

    Hmmm, Am I the only one to spot the two glaring errors in this statement?

    • Erm what? I have a 40g Launch model. Maybe i made up 60G Slims. Whatever gig. Insert your own number.

      • EU Launch Phat Model with BC all had 60gig. the 40gb model came out minus BC as did the 80 & 160 models. PS3 slim’s launched with 120/250 gig, new models out soon will be 160/320. In the US, The Launch PS3’s came with 20 and 80gb and 100% hardware BC. EU BC was always half Hardware/Half Firmware.

        Sorry… Anorak mode off now ;)

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