Firmware 3.42 Causing Problems?

Hey everyone, guess what? Go on, guess, bet you can’t! Oh alright clever clogs you read the headline, people are reporting Firmware 3.42 is causing problems.

Except it’s not. A bold claim by me as:

  1. I don’t work for Sony.
  2. My PlayStation works fine.
  3. It’s been 15 years since I earned my BSc in Computer Science and there is no way I could tell what the Firmware update did if I had a look at the code.

However I do have an ability that seems to be lacking in others: common sense. Let’s look at the evidence as to why I am certain 3.42 is fine.

Firstly, the new update does not seem to be causing everyone problems, just the odd person. As I’m sure you are aware every batch of PS3s are the same. All 60 gig PS3 Slims are they same, all 40gig PS2 backwards compatible PS3s are the same. They are fed the same update, identical updates on identical machines. If the update corrupts one machine it should corrupt all of them.

This was ably demonstrated by Sony when the ApocalPS3 occurred and the PlayStation clock chip went a bit wibbly counting the days in February. All – not just a couple – all of the fat PS3s decided to throw a fit.

Secondly, those reporting problems do not report the exact same problem. The complaints include the PS3 is crashing, some games do not work, problems with sound and a couple of people experienced a crash during the update. The YLOD makes it’s scheduled appearance too.

All the reported problems can happen at anytime not just after a firmware update. PlayStations occasionally go wrong as do washing machines, cars, Xbox 360s, electronic egg whisks and threesomes (they always seem a good idea at the time.).

If there was a genuine problem with the update then there would be millions – not just tens – of complaints. A few people are experiencing the same problems that everyone else has on the days there are no updates.  There is no problem and the inevitable reports of the latest Firmware being blamed for a string of problems is getting tiresome, if there was a genuine error we – and Sony – would let you know.

If your PS3 is having problems after the current update it is a coincidence. A crappy, annoying coincidence but a coincidence all the same.  Your PS3 doesn’t work, your girlfriend left you, they postponed the last episode of True Blood due to Labor Day. Nothing ever works out as you want. Shit happens, it’s called life – get used to it.

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  1. WTF! True Blood delayed. Wondered why it wasn’t on.
    So now we can blame Sony for screwing up TV as well as making kids fat.

  2. Tuffcub, the voice of reason as always.

    I’ve got a 120Gb slim and a 60Gb launch, both seem quite happy running both this and every other firmware update under the sun.

  3. Great article! However, I don’t feel that the Xbox 360 was mentioned enough in this sentence:
    “PlayStations occasionally go wrong as do washing machines, cars, Xbox 360s, electronic egg whisks and threesomes (they always seem a good idea at the time.).”

  4. here here, firmware does not cause problems to just you!

  5. No problem with my Ps3 since the update!

  6. my fat 160 gig was fine when clockgate happened.

  7. Is the somewhat bitter tone of the article really necessary?

    It isn’t inconceivable that some people might suffer problems with the firmware downloads due to crap like power outs during installation and the like. Yes, a lot of the complaints are probably due to coincidental happenstance, but that’s no reason to dismiss all of them.

    • Every time there’s a FW update, people cry out that it’s breaking PS3s. Yes the odd one here and there is likely, but it gets quite annoying to hear it every time.

  8. First off, if the PS3s were all the same, then they would all play PS2 games (DUH). The reason the ps3s made after the 2 original ps3s is cuz they have different motherboards… yes DIFFERENT. not every system is the same. If a firmware update does something like speed up the use of something in the ps3 (maybe it wasnt even meant to be there but changing the code on one thing CAN screw up another process) then it can screw up something in the hardware or software. Yes alot of problems would hit every PS3, but some software problems may only hit when running certain games or movies or some other format of entertainment; and as for the hardware… If the blu-ray is sped up (like in one of the previous firmware updates) then it could cause excessive wear and tear in all PS3s. Wear and tear u cant see. However, the guy who plays 5 hours a day has a better chance of his bluray player dieing on him meaning NOT ALL PLAYSTATIONS WILL BE AFFECTED. Same with any other problems… Nobodies perfect, not even the programmers buddy. I think I’ve proven my point.

    • What point? You obviously didn’t prove it very well…

  9. It seems to me like a lot of people follow your words like sheep follow the shepherd. It’s as if just because you say something it’s true, and the minions can’t wait to agree and sound as smart as you are. 3 people in my family, all on the same day downloaded FW 3.42. My son’s console died YLOD. Mine freezes at the end of each level of a game. My grandson’s freezes at any given time. 7 people in our MW2 group suffered similar problems, and we all downloaded the same day and almost time as we were about to play W2. So you say it’s one odd person here and there, while I know of 10 people on the same day having problems. 4 of them bought new consoles. One of them bought a used console that then did the same thing upon downloading FW 3.42. So, despite your loyal following, I would beg to differ with your final decision.

    • I know no one who has had an issue, therefore by the laws of probability – which are greatly stacked in my favour of scores of PS3 users – there isn’t a problem caused by the new FW.

      Works both ways.

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