High Velocity Bowling Move Support To Be Paid DLC

The US PlayStation Blog yesterday posted a heads-up for the next state-side PlayStation Plus content update, which will include early access to Swords and Soldiers, beta access for some to Red Faction Battlegrounds, and discounted PSone Imports, amongst many other goodies.

But this isn’t about the differences between the US and EU Plus content (there’s been plenty of discussion of that already), but that in the list for September 21st includes “High Velocity Bowling – Move Compatibility Add-On” as the free DLC.


Released way back in 2007, High Velocity Bowling is exactly what you’d expect, a bowling game (with a focus on spin), with a ton of downloadable lanes, characters and balls available on the PlayStation Store. It was announced at last year’s Tokyo Game Show that the game would be being patched to support PlayStation Move, although it was unknown if that support would be in the form of a free patch, or as a piece of paid-for DLC.

As the “free DLC” in each PlayStation Plus update is temporarily reduced to free for Plus subscribers, this would seem to confirm that the HVB patch will indeed not be free for non-Plusers.

We’ve contacted Sony for confirmation, but it certainly looks like not all games will be upgrading to Move for free.

Source: US PlayStation Blog



  1. You may be right, of course, but being included in Plus doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to cost people – it may be just that they’re getting it a little earlier than everyone else.

    It’s a bit odd charging for it, though. On the one hand, I can see that they may charge for it because it’s a special development for an old game. On the other hand, I wonder why anyone would pay for an update to a 3-year-old game.

    And on top of all that, I know Sony have said that whether and how much to charge is up to developers, but this is one of their own games, and as they’re looking to get Move into homes, you’d think they’d update their own games for free.

    • I did consider that, but there’s no other free DLC in the update, so the insinuation is that the upgrade is it. Plus, I think it’s unlikely that if Sony has a Move upgrade ready, they’d delay it two weeks for Plus.

  2. This is a kick is [email protected] if I have to pay for the patch. I didn’t find the game great to begin with and only played it a couple of times. After reading a review with the move support it still scored badly. I hope the slingshot game (name escapes me) doesn’t charge for move support.

    • Pain is the other game

    • Where did you find that review? I was looking forward to this patch…

      • There’s one on IGN, but it’s just an ‘impressions’, not a review.

  3. No thank you.

  4. Bit of a waste of time to be honest as the game already incorporates a swing the dualshock type shot system anyway, and as an old game which nobody plays anymore….all a bit pointless methinks.

    • I never got the hang of it with the DS3/SIXAXIS, so in the end only tried it twice, thankfully I got it free, so, maybe if it’s a £1 update I’ll buy it, but you know what some devs are like, they’ll charge £3

  5. I’d say the update is free for everyone but coming out earlie ron +.

  6. Eh? idolminds isn’t it? umm no surprise they seem to charge for content that should’ve been on the game… like one effing stage and 3 characters at launch!!

  7. I want a Wii bowling game, but I hear bad things about this and Brunswick… shame there’s not one in Sports Champions

  8. I think it worked fine with DS3, like a proper bowelling… sorry, bowling grip!
    Would be easier getting the mates to join for a couple of sets with the Move incorporated, though!

  9. To be honest, I thought it was a great little game, though maybe a lil’ to complex for the casual gamer / a party game. I hope the patch fixes this.

  10. Quite liked HVB as it required a bit more skill that Wii bowling and was one of the few titles that the six-axis worked well with for movement.

    Still, not sure I would be happy to pay for a patch for a game this old, particularly given that quite a few are getting free updates and Sports Champions should keep me busy for a while.

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