Ninety-Nine Nights II DLC Confirmed

Konami has announced that those who purchase Ninety-Nine Nights II for the Xbox 360 will have several pieces of DLC to look forward to over the next couple of months.

  • The first DLC pack will be released at the end of September and offers new maps, called Aerial and Guard maps in online modes for 320 MS Points for Gold membership members. 
  • A free download will follow in October, which unlocks a new character for online use for Gold membership members.
  • Finally there will be an Equipment pack which adds stronger weapons for all characters for use both on and offline.  This will be released in November for 40 MS Points, for both Gold and Silver membership members.

You may remember TSA’s recent review of the game – we weren’t overly impressed.

Source: Press Release



  1. Two million troops?

  2. Wow…….. Does it make the game worse ?

  3. Im sure somebody somewhere likes this game and is excited by this news

    • Whoever is excited ought to have their console burned to ashes.

  4. damn dlc is usually not as game as the orginal content, might score a -2 this time :O

  5. Its like a bad film you have to watch to appreciate it, now I want to play this game just to see how awful it is.

    • I’m the same with movies and I’ve played some real knackers in the past so I’ve been wondering this myself, I’m intrigued by just quite how poor it appears to be.

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