HMV Release Dead Rising 2 Early

Fans of Zombie death via the medium of chainsaws attached to motorbikes can get their hands on Dead Rising 2 before anyone else thanks to HMV. The high street chain has just announced an exclusive deal in which you, yes you, can get your mits on the game a whole day before anyone else!

Yes! A whole day! Woohoo!


To qualify for the extra special treat you must turn up at HMV on Oxford Street in London between 5pm and 8pm on Thursday, 23rd September. No other  HMV stores will have the offer, it’s that special!

Be the envy of your friends by getting taking a day off work, taking the train to London, fighting through massed ranks of tourists, queuing outside HMV and finally buying the game! As an added incentive the first 100 rabid fans will receive a free ‘goody bag’, contents unspecified.

Play the game a day before anyone else! Apart from your mates who ordered it online and the postman has delivered it early..

Source: MCV



  1. Effort XD I’ll just preorder from GAME and get it a day early, two if I’m lucky

  2. Just a hint of sarcasm there…

  3. ha ha, nice one. I work 2 mins from HMV, but wont be bothering. Infact I’m not even buying the game so it doesn’t matter. What a pointless post this was.

  4. Even if you were to get it delivered on release day (or for that matter buy it in a shop on release day) its still only around 14 hours early =P Still, I’d be curious to see just how many people bother to go…

    • The earliest anyone from TSA staff who could but it would be.. me :) I work 5 mins away from HMV Oxford St. Butit takes me 45 mins to get home so I reckn I coud have a whole 13hrs 15 mins of playtime before anone else! WOOHOO!

      • prepare to be stalked

      • I already have a stalker thank you, please email a picture just in case you are better looking than him.

  5. “Play the game a day before anyone else! Apart from your mates who ordered it online and the postman has delivered it early..”

    Exactly, aside from the uber releases that are carefully stage managed to ensure no one get’s special treatment (things like GTAIV) it’s usual for me to get games on a Thursday when preordered online, sometimes Wednesday on rare occasions.

    I think I must live near a central exhange or something as most of my post is very efficient. Once I ordered a game at tea time Friday and much to my amazement it was through the letterbox on Saturday morning!!!

  6. I’ve pre-ordered mine with zombify yourself lol.

  7. I can’t wait to play this….. Although I’m going to have to wait as I get it when Lovefilm decide I can have it!

  8. Might stroll past, I wonder whether there’s a party hat and a sherbet dip-dab in the goody bag?

    • Sherbet Dip-Dabs are still on sale?! Holy shit! What the hell have I been doing for the past 10 years?! Mmmm! *runs to shop*

  9. Pah, I’ll stick with my shopto pre-order with the free t-shirt. I can never have too many t-shirts I’ll never wear in public!

  10. Was looking forward to this until I played the first on 360. I was pretty unimpressed but hopefully it was just a controller issue (I never did get along with the 360 pad) and I’ll be renting this just for a tryout.

    • You weren’t alone in your 360 controller issues, I felt like I permanently damaged the ligaments in my hands after playing Forza 3.

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