Suda 51 Announces Kinect Exclusive

A lot of people have been wondering if Kinect would be offering anything beyond the “casual” games shown at E3 this year. Suda 51 may just have answered that question. During Microsoft’s TGS press conference they unveiled a new Xbox 360 exclusive “Codename D” which will be Kinect-enabled and available via Xbox Live Arcarde.

“You must fight for your life to survive an evil amusement park filled with twisted and eerie creatures. With “codename D” for Kinect for Xbox 360, you are the controller as you unleash devastating effects to destroy enemies and objects.”

Source: Kotaku.



  1. Sound interesting. I wonder how that would work out.

  2. Is there any gameplay footage to go with any of these announcements? Unlike Move it’s quite hard to visualise how Kinect games will work without seeing them demonstrated (especially non-casual ones). My fear with Kinect is that there will only be a finite amount of usable gestures to make games work and we could end up with a situation where you play essentially the same (casual) game with a different (hardcore) theme applied – although thinking about it I suppose you could say that about other genres to be fair…

    Do we know if MS have done any deals with any UK stores to setup demo units? I think it’s something you would have to try for yourself…

    • Yeah, it’s sort of like how all games are the same but there’s only a limited number of A, B, X and Ys so really we are just using the same button-pushing gestures re-skinned in different genres *grin*

  3. It may not be casual but it’s still an arcade game. Hardly worth getting excited about as it will probably just be a gimmick.

  4. I wonder why any other developer rarely base’s a level in a evil amusement park?Medievil 2 come’s to mind

  5. pic #2 giving me the evils

  6. I’m really interested to see how these games operate. It’s definitely a bold move by Microsoft and I hope it pays off for them.

  7. Was this the one that they said was ‘hardcore’ and then described as ‘casual’ seconds later?

    I was pissed to see Suda 51 taking time out from making actual games to try and make Kinect look good with this, but the fact it’s being described as Kinect “enabled” has me hoping real controllers are an option here.

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