GT5: New Video Footage Impresses

Videos grabbed from the chaps over at Gamersyde show off Gran Turismo 5’s increasingly beautiful bodywork – it looks like the most recent build demoed at the Tokyo Game Show is, as you’d expect, really starting to show the game off properly.

Streaming remotely from the site is currently disabled so you’ll need to do some downloading or face some adverts, but on the whole they’re absolutely worth it.


First up is footage of the Eiger mountains in the rain.  There’re three videos, showing off various vehicles but mainly demonstrating the lovely weather effects.

Then there’s confirmation of Trial Mountain, one of my favourite evergreen GT tracks and it’s fair to say it’s looking better than ever.

Thirdly, the all-time classic American raceway that is Laguna Seca, complete with that famous double hairpin.  It’s no surprise that it’s in, but it’s good to see it anyway.

Then there’s night footage of the massive 24 hour Le Mans circuit – complete with wonderful lighting effects.

And finally, for our US-based readers (and anyone not offended by left, left jokes) there’s some NASCAR footage.

All credit to Gamersyde.



  1. Amazing! Also confirmed in the game is the VW Samba hippy van and the German World War 2 Kubelwagen and Schwimmwagen! :D

    • Glad its looking amazing, I spent 150quid on the Signature edition last night so… ;)

      • Preordered Signature version when it was annouced and now far happier with putting down the cash.

    • Great the Kubelwagen is my favourite car ever . I have even made a few model ones and painted them up .

  2. I love the cockpit view when its raining! :)

    • Infact, i just did a “GT5 TGS” search on YouTube and found some great Videos..

      • Holy Eff. That looks great. I like the comment under that video that the rain is the tears of Forza fanboys.

    • the rain video looked like he was really fighting the car due the the rain and the high speeds. like it. cant wait to get hold of it!

  3. I can’t wait to get this game and I don’t even particularly like racing sims! But it is graphically so impressive I just feel the need to own it and try it on my TV. Some footage is practically photo realistic!

    Sony really need to market the hell out of this game – and make sure they have “ACTUAL GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE” at the bottom of the screen in big letters. I can’t wait to see what KB makes of it too…

  4. i was undecided about launch day purchse, but it looks sublime!! count me in, just booked the afternoon off work so i can have a good ol play around with it!

    • I too booked some time off work for when its due to come out. Don’t think I’ve ever done that for a game before lol.

      • just pre-ordered the game from for £34

  5. Most of the stuff shown off at the Tokyo Game Show

  6. Some great looking videos there, I need that chair set up to go with my wheel. Looked like the Laguna Seca pitlane entry point had been altered a little since GT4. And those Type 1 Splitties racing in the rain looked slightly floaty from some camera angles, but great fun.

  7. Trial Mountain is probably my favourite track from the whole series, followed by Laguna Seca. the hairpin is just Godly.

    • Same for me, I loved Trial Mountain on the previous GT games. It was always my track of choice for splitscreen races.

  8. Laguna Seca! Ah how I love it, and its lovable hairpin. Also amazed to see the Samba van in there. I’m really kicking myself for not spending £100 on a G25 on sale when they were available…

    • Actually it’s called the corkscrew :)
      Argos have the Driving Force GT for £79 at the mo

      • thats the one im gonna buy, im not forking out over 150 beer tokens for one.

      • But no clutch! :( Even though it’s an extra worry… I just love using the clutch. Adds to the realism that little bit more.

      • It’s an AWFUL lot of money for a clutch.

  9. ooohhhhh can’t wait, this looks awesome, just ordered a wheel too…

  10. Just shown this to some of my colleagues who have 360’s. [Theres a 70 – 30 ratio of ps3 to 360s here]

    They were all blown away…

    Got mine pre ordered!!

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