Stunning New GT5 Trailer

Earlier today, Nofi kindly brought to our attention some pretty incredible footage of the upcoming Gran Turismo 5. Well, now, developers Polyphony Digital have released upon us an official trailer which showcases some new features for the game.

Marvel as day turns into night, but more importantly, how the sun turns into a cloudy, rainy day. The visual water effects shown from inside the cabin are simply incredible. Never before have you seen rain like this.


Now I know, rain in a game is nothing new, nor normally something to get excited about it. But, if the guys at Polyphony put half the effort in to the rest of the game as they have done with the water, then GT5 is shaping up to be a winner.

The trailer also has some other very nice reveals too. Like snow. Yes, it even snows in GT5. Really, what else can it do? Well, how about the first official sighting of the full (and amazing) Le Mans circuit. Or some new vehicles, like the lastest Subaru Impreza STI saloon, a classic Jaguar, Peugeot’s all-conquring 908 racer, the legendary VW Campervan (which was shown in the earlier clips) and the Pagani Zonda R. Phew!

Lastly, there appears to be a 2 new tracks which have not been seen in the world of Gran Turismo. One is a rally track that showcases the snow, while the second appears to be a narrow street circuit, which is used to show off the night time driving.

Anyway, enough talking, watch the trailer below.



  1. trailers…trailers…how many trailers came out for this one?

  2. Looks absoloutely astonishing. I mean on graphics alone it looks like its worth buying. But I enjoyed GT5P so I’ll be picking this one up too.

    Gonna try get into this proper

  3. We don’t get our money’s worth with some games these days. This is clearly proven in GT5.

    The stunning visuals and amazing gameplay we’ve seen, and they still only put a £40 price tag on! Some games cost £45+, and are not nearly as good!

    So much work gone into this!

    • Unlike COD, which seems to have some sort of premium price on it. Didn’t they want to make it even more expensive than £45? Ridiculous.

      For the amount of time & effort which has been spent on this game, it’s an incredible bargain.

  4. roll on November will be playing this for ages.

  5. This is…wow.


  6. This is getting beyond the joke.
    I sincerely hope they are selling this game accompanied with a pelican bib or there’s just going to be dribble all over the place.
    It’s looking absolutely astonishing and I truly cannot wait.

  7. It’s so bad when you want to just skip a month of your life ust for a game… :'( I want it so bad and I want it now!

  8. This game has been in development for so long i ALMOST forgot about it,i am glad i didn’t though, after seeing the trailer i cant wait to get the game!

  9. Holy sweet jesus that’s good :D

  10. GT5 prologue bored me half to death but this trailer has reminded me how much I enjoyed the older games. Now my finger is poised over the ‘add to shopping basket’ button while I think very hard!

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