PixelJunk Shooter 2 Details, Lifelike and Series 2

Wired has divulged some new information regarding PixelJunk’s follow-up to last year’s brilliant Shooter. Discussing the game’s new environmental challenges, players will have to deal with light and darkness as opposed to just fire and ice from the first game. As seen in recent footage, however, players will have a Light Suit to help show them the way. Another addition to the wardrobe is the Hungry Suit, a ship that allows intrepid spelunkers to literally eat through soil in order to rescue lost crew members.

What we’re more intrigued about, though, is the game’s much vaulted Versus mode; a new addition that sees players face off as both saviour and destroyer – one player entrusted to save stricken workmen while the other attempts to stymie such safeguarding as much as possible.

Apart from Shooter 2, the Kyoto-based developer is also working on PixelJunk lifelike, a music application featuring the works of Baiyon, best known as the composer of PixelJunk Eden. The audio project is Move compatible and supports trophies, allowing users to incorporate music from their own hard-drive in a novel way. Check out the trailer below for more information.

Finally, and regarding the future of the PixelJunk series, Q-Games’ President Dylan Cuthbert also hinted at a new wave of games that will move away from the series’ characteristic love of 2D. Cuthbert intimated that a sequel to PixelJunk Monsters is something the studio is interested in, just not in a direction fans of the series might expect. Mixing things up a little, the studio head suggested they’d likely move away from their strict 2D mantra and introduce 3D polygons into the tower defence follow-up. This reimagining of Monsters would be the birth of what Cuthbert describes as “PixelJunk Series Two.”

Source: Wired


  1. intrested…

    • pixeljunk iz just AMAZIN
      no other way to put it

  2. “allowing users to incorporate music from their own hard-drive in a novel way”

    Shouldn’t all music visualisations allow this, otherwise what’s the point?

    • “Move compatible”

      So, we won’t NEED Move to use it?

    • Just wondering – did you watch the trailer? It doesn’t appear to be just a music visualiser. You interact with the music. And there are trophies.

      • I did see the trailer, coz the last few seconds of it showed us several of the possible effects.

  3. How bizarre was that trailer? Hahaha! Quite, quite mad.

    • I feel a little disturbed having watched it. It was like morcambe and wise on LSD.

  4. I thought Lifelike was just going to be a visualiser for your music but obviously it’s a bit more. I’m not sure if i want to throw shapes on the screen while i’m listening to music but it also looked like you can use the Move like a drumstick to keep time/tap out a rhythm which might be ok.
    PJS2 wll be day one purchase i’ve no doubt.

    • just remember.
      big fish, little fish, cardboard box, big fish, little fish, cardboard box. :)

  5. Can’t wait for PJS2, Liflike trailer was a bit strange, and those irresponsible gentlemen were not wearing their wrist straps!!

    • You’re hardly going to break anything in a forest!

  6. Assistant director: Tapioca. Says it all, really, when your AD is a starch extract.

  7. When is PJ Shooter 2 released?

    The first one was the best PSN game i’ve played so far, loved the graphic style of it.

  8. i just cant wait XD

  9. Looks weird. I want it. :)

  10. That Lifelike video look like they’ve been collecting more than just move controllers from the forest floor.
    Time to boil me a mushroom broth so I can understand the video.

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