Sony Seeking Android Engineer

Adding more credence to that whole “Android on a PlayStation Phone” rumour, Sony are currently looking for a senior server engineer with “experience in mobile development, specifically Android.” The successful candidate should also have “knowledge/experience of online gaming.”

Rumours of Sony (with or without mobile partner Ericsson) launching a PSN enabled mobile device have been rife for months now. Whatever comes of this, it does appear Sony and Android is a combination we’ll be seeing some sort of manifestation of in the near future.


We should state, however, that, like a crafty ninja, Sony have since updated the job posting removing all mention of Google’s mobile OS. Was something let slip accidentally, perhaps? Or are we simply reading too much into the (now deleted) mention of Android in the first place?

Finally, how this all relates to the real-but-unconfirmed PSP2 is also something we’re looking forward to unravelling.

Source: PlayStation jobs (Thanks Eoin)



  1. I’d settle for a PSN app for android. Would messaging friends from a phone be a big ask?

    • Ridiculous isn’t it… Browsing the PSN Store, queuing downloads, making impulse purchases and PSN messaging should be available on the web (and of course via smartphones)

  2. If this job has just been advertised now then surely we are a couple of years away from a psp phone? Sony could be looking at releasing some apps for google phones like messaging and store purchases

    shame, i was hoping they were finally going to do what megatokyo predicted. :)

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