Early Castlevania Demo For PlayStation Plus Users

At some point we’re going to stop talking about early access to demos as part of PlayStation Plus’ premium service. That day is not today, however, as it looks like Crossed PSN users can avail of a Castlevania: Lords of Shadow demo as soon as it hits PSN servers sometime over the next few hours.

Non-plussed (see what I did there?) users can get their hands on the sample of Konami’s Kojima-tainted action romp on September 29th. Yes, one whole week away.

SCEE’s James also teased with the following:

“Keep your eyes on the PlayStation.Blog.EU as we have another very special exclusive coming before the end of September…”

The definition of “very special” is relative, of course. Anything that’s not an early access demo would be “very special” in my book.

Source: Official EU PlayStation blog


  1. “Keep your eyes on the PlayStation.Blog.EU as we have another very special exclusive coming before the end of September…”

    You’re all gonna plotz when you find out what this is – I guarantee you won’t be expecting it.

    • gonna plotz? sorry what does that mean?

      • sweet, i like supriises, hope its metal gear rising demo or something like that, or early black ops demo! TELL US FELLA!! lol

      • plotz, schemez and machinationz.
        to be deviouz. :)

      • That S button is so far away from the Z button

    • Cool beans. For the record, I am a fan of what PS+ provides. I’m not, however, that much of a fan of early access demos. Probably because I don’t get to demos when they come out anyway.

      It’s something – but PS+ needs to expand more into services and not just free/early content. Content is king, but I’m pretty sure a lot of people signed up for exclusive access to betas, cloud game saving, etc. At least, I know I did.

      • I would of subscribed day one if they had cloud game saving and all early beta access, they didn’t so I didn’t bother. I can’t see the point in paying for stuff that comes a week early and discounts on old games that I probably already have. I guess this discussion could swing both ways anyway.

    • I’m guessing at a GT5 demo

    • if its you and mike doing a strip show you can scrap that idea.. no one needs to see that.

    • It better be good or we will hold you responsible :)

  2. whoooopeeeeeeeee lol

  3. Mock all you like, Castlevania still looks pretty good so I’m glad I get to try it a week early :P

  4. I don’t much care about the Castlevania details, I just had to give some kudos for that “non-plussed” bit!!

    • I know! How awesome am I!?

      (This is a joke, before the knives come out.)

      • You’re on a roll today mate, non-plussed, the Governator – I can’t wait to see what you come up with next! ;)

      • I’ve got a groan inducing “See what I ddid there” coming up.. :)

      • That’s right. Put some pressure on the bastard to maintain this calibre. Kovacs… impress me! :-p

  5. cool, at least were starting to get them a week early… this other surprise is looking like it could be intersting…

  6. The 1st PS+ Exclusive im actually excited about, how many months has it been now.

  7. Symphony of the night?

  8. Very special … hmmm a FREE t-shirt on HOME for all PS+ users?!?!?!?!?!?!

  9. its cross game chat :)

    • Think we have more chance of Cod 8 being a Ps3 exclusive than getting Cross gamer chat from Sony.

  10. thanks for reminding me i had plus, i completly forgot. its hard to put sarcasim into typing so i wont even try. put hopefully the next special is hopefully a beta of sum sort eg, gt5 (demo) or black ops

    • looks like its after burner climax theme

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