Exclusive Dead Rising 2 DLC a “Present” to 360 Fans

With the recent announcement of Case: West, yet another Xbox 360 exclusive DLC episode for Dead Rising 2, Capcom have commented on what many PS3 fans perceive as preferential treatment.


Denying it has alienated PS3 owners of the upcoming zombie title, the Japanese publisher has assured PS3 gamers that they’re not missing out on the full game, the retail title itself a self-contained story. Going further, Capcom have explained the reason behind the exclusivity offering, stating that it’s only available on Microsoft’s platform as a gift to Xbox 360 gamers who supported the first title.

Co-producer Shinsaku Ohara stated in an interview with Eurogamer:

“I think Inafune said that we’re sorry that it seems like you’re getting a little bit less of the Dead Rising 2 universe, but you’ll still be able to enjoy the full game. You’ll just miss a little bit of extra. We haven’t completely alienated PS3 gamers because Dead Rising 2 is a standalone boxed product. Dead Rising was our very first Xbox 360 title and Microsoft supported the title all the way.

At the beginning we didn’t know that this new IP would be a success, but the fans on the console really assisted in making it into one. So it’s like a present, something that we gave back to the original Dead Rising fans.”

A fair point, and though exclusive DLC for a game that is available on multiple platforms is generally frowned upon, it is a nice way to thank those who helped the game get a sequel in the first place.

Dead Rising 2 is out on Friday.

Source: Eurogamer



  1. This is probably going to be a successful marketing exercise by Microsoft. Pay for a cheap premium DLC chapter that serves as a prequel from which stats and things carry over to the full game. People with both consoles buy this cheap looking demo, it’s only 400MSP after all. Now they will buy DR2 on 360, even if PS3 is their general preferred platform. Why would they want to start leveling up their character again?
    It’s sad, but Microsoft will probably try to repeat the success of this experiment in future. Unfortunately because of these influencing tactics I will not be buying the game at all.

  2. bullshit is it.

    i can understand the case west stuff being xbox exclusive but the case zero should be multiformat, they say it bridges the gap between the first game and the sequel, but from what i’ve seen of it, it doesn’t have anything to do with the first game other than the zombie outbreak.

    this is all about money.

    as it is, i wont be in a rush to get the game, while it looks like fun, i don’t like the constant time limits hanging over my head all the time, and some of the crazy bosses in the first game were total bastards.

  3. Whilst this has completely pissed me off i still will be getting this day 1 for the PS3 as im used to getting shafted by developers

    • You really shouldn’t. Buy something else, and then buy DR2 when it’ll be very cheap on sale.

      • I would but ive had to avoid buying so many things just so i had the money for it so i dony want to not buy it after all that

      • *don’t *

  4. Why not makes some exclsuve Dead Rising 1 DLC then? Hmmm?

  5. Why would making it available on other platforms make it any less of a present to people who supported the original?

    I have no problem with exclusive DLC per se, but in this particular instance there’s clearly more to it than that. Not only do they release these two standalone games, which DO constitute part of the game’s storyline no matter what he says, only on 360, where there is a Dead Rising fanbase already established, but they also release all their promotional material(Trailers, the short movie directed by Inafune) only on Xbox Live and so far all advertising I’ve seen has only mentioned the Xbox version. That’s going out of your way to bury one of your releases.

    There’s saying thank you, and then there’s out and out stupidity, and slapping potential customers in the face while cosying up to already established customers seems to me like the kind of decision making that have caused Capcom to post their worst profits for six years recently.

    There is simply no incentive here for PC/PS3 owners that I can see, aggressively so in fact. How is that not “alienating” them?

    • The only reason I can think of is that PC and PS3 version are cheap, broken unplayable ports, and they’re counting on pre-orders and day 1 sales, before the word spread out that PS3 version looks like shit and PC version doesn’t run at all, causing BSOD on 90% of systems.

      • Na, it looks fine on PS3. And frankly to come up with such a half-baked excuse about why the DLC is 360 exclusive is just insulting our intelligence, wouldn’t you say?

        If they can’t say ‘MS paid us to keep these extra bits exclusive’ then they should just keep quiet.

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