Hydrophobia: Water in Motion

Earlier today we posted a little preview of Dark Energy’s upcoming Hydrophobia. In among the comments we noticed a few people expressing an interest in seeing the water in motion. Ever keen to please our readers (and play with our capture equipment) we’ve made a very short video to show some of the water swilling around. It also shows off the pulse gun which can be used to move objects around, smash glass or explode oil barrels. So you can set up environmental kills, cover be damned!



  1. Looks lovely. Looking forward to playing it tonight.

    • i feel dat water iz better emphasised in uc1, although this game does make it wonderfully though X)

    • actually, i’ll take dat bak

      • Dear Mr. Rules,

        This is a polite request for you to write properly, there is no need to shorten words as a comments section is not like MSN where typing quickly is main idea and it’s not like Twitter where there’s a llimited number of characters available.

        I can’t understand the style of writing you use which isn’t very helpful when trying to reply. It is noted that you have written properly for your whole time at TSA and it is only the last week or so that you written in this manner which is impossible for an old fart like me to understand.

        Please can we have the old Mr. Rules back?


        Mr. Star.

      • I’m sorry I’m not fluent in chav, is there a translator around?

      • Judging by the punctuation, perhaps he’s replying via PS3? There’s a discernable difference in my grammar and spelling when doing so!

      • Maybe he just never sees the replies to his comments

  2. Water looks amazing and it’ll be interesting to see more in the future as to how the character interacts with the water (when that doors were shot through she barely even reacted to all the water coming through which concerns me a bit).

    Good to see plenty of exploding barrels too – the staple of modern videogame design! Have the developers given no consideration to the environment though – blowing up oil sources and leaving pollution and destuction in your wake is hardly eco-friendly!

    As a downloadable title I’ll certainly be interested in getting the demo.

    • It really doesn’t come across well in video but while playing she does struggle against the flow. Not as much as might be totally realistic but I wouldn’t want to play a game where the protagonist was never on her feet!

      • Fair comment. I appreciate some things don’t video capture well and I imagine nice things can be done with the water and the rumble of the controller. From all the previews I’ve heard this is a very imopressive game. Certainly a developer to look out for and if they’ve develoed the water physics tech let’s hope other devs licence it off them and they’re justly rewarded.

    • Apologies for the multiple spelling errors in my post. Water on the brain I guess.

  3. Just started watching. That is one helluva thick Scottish accent on the chap on the comms. I’m not even sure people outside of the UK will even understand that! Haha :-)

    • Ok, the first part was boring but I guess she was setting up the barrels for some reason? Very strange. However, seeing the water working is lovely but fingers crossed there’s a wonderful game in there too. The preview certainly seems to lean towards it.

      • That was just me pricking about with the sonic gun. Little taps near the barrels move them but charge and shoot the barrels and they explode. So you can move them around and set up your enemies before blowing them up.

      • Ah, right. Got it. Hahaha! *makes note of new gaming term “pricking”* 8-)

    • I understood just fine thank you. Since they’re not dubbing movies here (thank god, except cartoons and kids movies) I can understand quite a lot of accents.

      And then there are subtitles.

      They probably made it that way so that some of the less intelligent players would understand the there are people from outside of america too.

      • Why would they need to know that though? They are going to spend all their life in America anyway.

  4. Looks very nice :) Great water detail!

  5. Boo! My comment from ealier wasn’t saved! Water looks pretty good but the splashes look rubbish. How she struggles against the water looks fantastic however.

  6. So water is the new brown again? :)

    Looks great, maybe the waves look a bit “blocky”, but again I’ve never seen how water reacts indoors :)

    Waiting for the PS3 version.

    • Yeah the water isn’t that smooth, but physically it’s amazing, all happens in realtime, there aren’t any loading times in the world, plus it’s a downloadable title. When you consider all those things I think it’s a huge achievement.

      I for one am well impressed. Loved it when you shoot out those glass walls and the water surges through.

      • Yeah it looks good and fun. I’m almost tempted to buy it at xbox, but thankfully with the huge amount of games I have on shelf, I can wait for the PS3 version, which I’m guessing is Q4 2011 :D

  7. looks great, can’t wait to play it.

    this one still xbox exclusive?

    • It’s a timed exclusive. :)

      • oh, i’ll try the xbox version, then if i like it i’ll wait and buy the ps3 version.

  8. The water movement is quite impressive although the waves and the spray break the illusion a little.Using the pulse gun to move barrels seemed a little fiddly but as you say you were just messing around so it’s probably not something you would be required to do while under fire. I presume the water gets deeper at some stages and you have to swim or dive in some situations. I’ll keep an eye on how it performs and perhaps pick it up when it comes to PS3.

  9. Water physics are quite good! Look forward to it being used in other games [if possible]

    • Yeah. I’m interested in knowing how much of the processing power goes to this water effect. Iow how much other stuff will have to be sacrificed in order to use this tech in a game?

  10. My favorite part of this is the TSA TV logo thing. Really good.

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