Pix’n Love Rush Coming to PlayStation Minis

A retro-themed platformer initially released on the iPhone, Sanuk Games will bring Pix’n Love Rush to the PSP and PS3 as a PlayStation Mini. Sporting an impressive 91% score on Metacritic (read AppTilt’s review here) Pix’n Love Rush is a prime example of old-school retro goodness married with the newfangled phenomenon of casual gaming.

Comprising of the classic run and jump mechanic interspersed with shooting – three ingredients gamers from the 80s practically lived off – Pix’n Love Rush offers 125 levels and, for the masochistic, an infinite mode.


Release date and price details will be announced shortly. We expect it “soon.”

Source: Press release



  1. that last pic reminds me of the original gameboy.

    • oh yeah! i see what you mean

  2. I’ve yet to pick up a mini, but this looks nice, especially the artstyle.

  3. Loving the neon colours. Not sure about the game-style as I feel very little need to go revisit “the classics of yester-year” but might see how it pans out.

  4. This doesn’t look bad but the more minis i buy the more i miss the fact that they don’t have trophies. Still, if it’s cheap i might pick it up on one of those quiet weeks on the store.

  5. I really love the concept that when you get injured you leap back a graphical milestone. Brilliant. Might make this my first minis purchase (or may just get it on the iPhone).

  6. I’ve got this on the iPod, a very simple but addictive game for those hell bent on beating your high score. You earn points by collecting “+” and lose points if you collect “-“. Shooting enemies will also give you points and lose points for shooting friendly’s. By building up a combo the art style will change.

  7. Really like the look of this, very cool. I still haven’t quite gotten along with minis completely but this looks like it’ll fit my bill very nicely.

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