Gears of War 3 Delayed

So Gears of War 3, Microsoft’s flagship spring release, is set to become the company’s flagship “holiday” release instead. That’s right, if Joystiq are to be believed (they haven’t quoted their source and we didn’t get a press release) then the Epic trilogy’s conclusion is being put back in order to lead Microsoft’s holiday season.

Where does this leave Microsoft’s spring schedule? We’re not sure, Gears 3 was confirmed for an April release and it was pretty much the only huge title confirmed by the company. Perhaps they’re going to devote a full year to pushing Kinect before the holiday 2011 release window. As for that release window, there still isn’t much that’s firm and if Gears 3 is leading the schedule then what will we see at next year’s E3? Probably nothing too major for the end of year.



  1. Oooohhhhh, ouch! That’s a long wait. Not good news.

  2. My condolences to 360 owners, that sucks!!! If that were Killzone 3, I would cry!

    • If GT5 was delayed again, I would actually cry. I agree, seeing Gears of war 3 delayed by this this long is as painful as a kick in the nuts.

    • killzone 3 is delayed! NOOOOOOOOOOOO *kills self* lol
      if gears of war get delayed repeatedly xbox owners will know what most ps3 owners have to put up with. yes gt5 and dlc i’m looking at you

  3. im not so bothered bout gears or any xbox stuff tbh. id be more annoyed if lbp2 gets delayed more and kz3 get delayed

    • It’s an alright game, the only reason it’s so overrated is ’cause it’s xbox exclusive.

      • it is a good looking, if very grey, looking game and it is a lot of fun to play.

        but then it is overrated.

        you know, i forget what my point was now. :)

  4. They’ve probably just seen how immense Killzone 3 looks; so they thought they’d try to ruin Resistance 3’s launch instead.

  5. Makes sense to have the big hitters at the highest selling point of the year, but I wonder what MS will put up against KZ3 now?

    • Lego Barbie Viva Piniata, a new Kinect bundle. Can’t wait.

    • I personally think that only a Halo game would be able to trump Killzone 3, but seeing as it’s unlikely one of those will appear any time soon it should be smooth sailing for Killzone 3

      • Halo Wars trumped Killzone 2 at release and it was just one step above “atrocious” so you could be right.
        Nothing major announced though and it’s a bit late in the day (and outside of show season) to announce anything big.

      • Well their is Crysis 2 that is multiplatform and will be relsease near killzone 3.

      • well ms are thinking of turning halo into an annual franchise so who knows.

        and i think halo wars sold on the halo name alone.

      • i just realised, that’s like saying i think grass is green. :)

      • I want a Halo Wars 2!!

      • they might release halo reach odst

  6. Extra time to add Kinect support and provide a Kinect game for the hardcore?

    • that’s a good one *laughs* oh wait you were serious lol

    • don’t give em ideas, i bet they’re already planning a chainsaw minigame.

  7. mostly unrelated but does it seem like microsoft are slipping what will they have after gears because halo is pretty much finnished now and mass effect is multiplat so what else do they have

    will there even be a new xbox next gen?

  8. They’ve probably got a stiff that Uncharted 3 is out or something and want to move Gears up against that. MS are very good at trying to steal limelight from other consoles…

    Makes you wonder about the rest of their 2011 lineup though…

  9. How do you spell the sound of a P-51 on fire and spiralling into the ground?

    Well, imagine that sound right meow.

    That’s the sound of MS’s release schedule for the next 12 months. Ouch indeed.

  10. I’ll be playing it tomorrow at the Eurogames expo

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