New Killzone 3 Videos Show Move, Updated Melee

A couple of fresh Killzone 3 videos have surfaced from the weekend’s Eurogamer Expo, the first showing off the game’s Move support and updated melee system and the second a Question and Answer session. Notable at least for the chap that asks whether the game would be coming to the Xbox 360. Yes – seriously.


There’s also talk of an extended trailer that was shown but wasn’t allowed to be filmed. Look out for that soon.



  1. Looking good, interesting to hear that DS3 players are dominating Move players on the multiplayer side. I would have liked to have seen aiming down the gun initiated by raising the controller up as if you were raising your gun up, instead of holding a button. I think this is going to he the true test of whether Move will succeed in a FPS setting.

    • The DS3 folks can aim/rotate the camera at the same time, see my later post. The move players first have to rotate the camera, THEN aim and shoot. Takes to long, especially with enemies moving at the corner of the screen…

      • Interesting as developer reports from SOCOM 4 were the opposite with Move players dominating DS3 players.

      • I think that depends on your settings. Check out this video ( )and look at the settings the guy uses at 2:00-3:00. If they implement the controls well, turning shouldn’t be a problem. Although I doubt they will implement a good control scheme regardless since the game is fine tuned for the dual shock.

  2. Hm, not entirely convinced of the move controls. The camera should move as soon as I point away from the center of the screen (with a small deadzone). The farther I am away from the center, the faster the camera rotates. Freelancer (PC) did that for mouse controls and Metroid Prime Trilogy uses this technique.
    The way they have implemented it, you can’t aim AND rotate the camera at the same time. The Metroid/Freelancer version adjusts the camera while aiming. Way better, I think.

    • He stated that the size of the box is variable in the options menu, so you should be able to address this yourself when playing. I think part of the problem is sensitivity, too much and it will be impossible to aim with slightly shaky hands, too little and it will be sluggish and slow to respond to threat.

      • Yes, but its still a box. Inside the box, the camera doesn’t move at all. Outside/edge, the camera moves at constant speed. At least that is the way I understand it. This is an antiquated control system, they should have learnt from the Wii…
        The camera should always automatically rotate so that your point of interest (crosshair) moves to the center of the screen.

      • I do belive that the Navi will control the screen as well going by a vid posted not so long ago.

      • “This is an antiquated control system”

        Yup, I agree completely. Unfortunately I think as long as we have a game that supports both dual shock and move you will see this type of implementation used.

  3. well i think they have a few more tricks up their sleeve yet, im not to concerned about the move issuse at the moment..

  4. first video, 6:26 EPIC
    the final version of this game is gonna be so good.
    i just hope they make different servers for vehicles.

  5. any link for us poor ps3 browser users?

  6. Great little presentation they had there. I got him to sign my copy of Killzone 2, smudged a little though. :(

  7. da eurogamer expo is fab but cant beat da e3 or gamescom, but just look at how kz3 is shapin up 2 be!

  8. Highlight of Eurogamer for me, happy I got to see the game.

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