PS3 Trophies Hacked

It looks like this happened a week or so back as a result of the various USB key based hacks on the PlayStation 3. Quite apart from allowing pirates to circumvent copy protection, it looks like the hack has given the green light to others to delve a little deeper into the PS3’s systems and enabled at least one guy to basically get whatever Trophies he’d like.

The proof of concept video below shows the user getting all the Trophies for the latest Spider-man game without any work at all. Surely missing the point entirely – let’s hope Sony have a way of detecting this as although the software in question clearly only runs on older firmwares, what’s to stop him syncing his profile with a PS3 on the latest system software?

Via our forums.

TheSixthAxis reminds readers that hacking your PS3 is wrong, invalidates your warranty and is potentially illegal.


  1. I am sick of these people. Stop messing!

    • i agree on the hacking games, that should stop…but trophies are pointless, hacking them will just make them even more worthless

  2. R.I.P. trophies. I enjoyed the time we had together. :,(

    • That isn’t the end of trophies

  3. Well the trophies are stored offline until you sync, so if he tries to sync them from an updated machine… They won’t be on it. This is pretty much useless until the time when these hacker guys manage to do a custom firmware which lets them go online.

    • Actually, I suppose he could unlock every trophy ever and then update the PS3 and sync trophies but then he wouldn’t be able to run any of these hacks any more, so I doubt anyone will be doing that.

  4. I dont get it – he has to use below 3.5 to use the hack – but he cant connect to the PSN without upgrading to 3.5. So.. pointless?

    • Yup. Whats the point in having trophies if you can’t share them with the world?

      • What’s the point in trophies if you’ve cheated to get them?

    • Maybe put the saves on a USB stick then move them to another ps3 to sync? I know it’s pointless but maybe that will work.

      • Don’t think so, if I remember correctly, the trophies are connected to your PSN Profile and not the saves.

  5. Hopefully Sony can you time datestamp for the trophy to pin point those that game a full games worth of trophies in the same of a minute.

    I guess it’d be harder to detect if someone was just use a hack for the odd trophy hear are there.

    I can understand why some may want to do it when a game glitches on you (a then requires a full extra play through) – I’m looking at EyePet and Assassins Creed 2.

    • *Hopefully Sony can use the datestamp

      Don’t know what my brain was doing when I typed that first line

      • trophies are date stamped

      • Yes, and it should also be an indication of hacking if someone has managed to unlock the game-complete trophies before unlocking any of the other trophies, ie chapter completion trophies etc.

    • I would think not though, sadly. Remember the Buzz trophy glitch (which I’m still sore about having platinumed it the hard way!)
      I was very annoyed when I missed the Assasin’s Creed 2 trophy for completing the last but one story mission! Grrr

      • Mine glitched on the glyphs. Found them all and watch all the clips but it didn’t unlock.

        EyePet glitched because it was a save game transfer from the original version to the Move edition.

  6. For me, trophies are not about showing off. They are about challenging myself and comparing to my friends (who I know are not cheats).
    This doesn’t really bother me as the kind of people who will use this are not likely to be on my friends list anyway

    • Couldn’t of said it better myself.

    • same here. what a pointless thing to do.

  7. You’re all missing the point. Don’t update your PS3, keep it below 3.5. add all the trophies you want for every game you can get your hands on. Then update your firmare, sync, job done. So this will only be able to be done before updating your firmware, but still, once firmware is updated, you can sync and get all the cheating trophies you want onto your profile.

    • At least it can only be done once.. well until it becomes possible to downgrade your firmware.

    • An I can put my feet in the corners of the sack and just run to the finish. Not really the point though is it

    • So you have to de-hack a ps3 and upgrade every time you you want to cheat on trophies?

      1) Thats stupid expensive
      2) What do you do after that? Buy another PS3? It wont be long before there are no pre 3.5 PS3s on sale.

      • I think the guy that made it can sync over USB, or something.

      • Sync over USB? Wouldn’t that require both PS3’s to be hacked? Leaving him in the same position before he synced them to another PS3?

      • Mr. ByNumbers is correct – both would have to be hacked. Pointless.

    • But why would I do that when I can get the trophies legitimately?

      It’s pointless. :\

  8. The fact you won’t be able to sync the trophies unless you’ve updated your firmware sort of defeats the purpose. Unless there’s someone out there who prizes virtual trophies to free games forever.

  9. I suppose you could look at it like this: It might tempt some people to update away from their hacked firmware if showing off trophies is important to them. Let’s face it, these are the kind of small minded losers that are likely to pirate games.

    • well…i like trophies. but I wouldnt see the point in hacking like this.

  10. I more worried out the length of his nails…..uuuurrgh!

    • Yeah, is he some kind of ‘I’M A VAMPIRE’ twilight fanboy or something?

    • Left-handed guitarist?

    • Got to be a guitarist and if not then well …. urrrrghhh .

      • well he has been working on a hack probs not got the time to cut his nails :p Is it the same guy who got psp games working on it? sounds like him

    • I was just about to post that, it’s utterly horribly unhygienic

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