Sports Champions Gets Spooky DLC

Halloween may be weeks away but that has not deterred Sony from announcing some spooky DLC for Sports Champions. The pack, called “Sports Champions Haunted Pack” will arrive on the US PSN Store on Tuesday, October 5 for $4.99.

The DLC contains three new characters to use within the game along with some suitably scary customised equipment:


New Characters

  • Specter
  • Deadmund
  • Numbskull

New Equipment:

  • Disc Golf – Phantom Disc Set
  • Bocce – Skull Bocce Set
  • Table Tennis – Phantom Paddle
  • Gladiator Duel – Skeleton Sword and Shield
  • Archery – Skull Bow
  • Beach Volleyball – Skull Ball

No news as to when this will hit the EU store but expect an announcement soon.

Source: US PS Blog



  1. I was looking forward to what kind of DLC would be made available but this seasonal stuff is hardly going to enhance the experience for me. I like the way LBP’s seasonal costumes are free.

  2. That looks like a sith lord in the 3rd person, all that is needed is the sword to be changed into a red light saber

  3. Crying out for an online patch, not fluff like this.

    • Mate, I was going to write exactly this. What a waste of developer time this is, when they should have been spending their time patching online multiplayer in. I’d even pay a couple of quid for the privlege!

      • Deffo… I’d pay as well.

        Would be good in online Move games if you had the option of a feed of the other player(s) picture in picture in the corner of screen, with audio as well.

      • @cc_star
        You really want to see me in my undies :-D

      • Depends if Stef is a shortening of Stephanie, Stephan or Stefan I suppose :p

        anyway ‘option’ was the key word

    • Yuuup.

  4. haha a nice little addition

  5. no new sports, no trophies, no online, no actual game enhancement = no sale.

    • I’d say +1, but that seems to piss everyone off, so I wont say it, but now you know I would’ve done, as I couldn’t agree more with you. I’m not paying money to have different characters, are they mental?

  6. Bilge.

  7. about £3 for a few outfits and equpment, i think that should be free if im honest, a rip off

  8. indeed, it should be free for us early adopters as a thank you!

    • Probably be free for PS+ subscribers at some point

  9. I like this DLC, but i agree that online support would be more apreciated.

    (even if it is laggy)

  10. novelty factor buy – can’t resist!!

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