Zen Pinball Paranormal Table Incoming

Halloween has come slightly early this year.  Following the announcement of the Sports Champions Haunted Pack, a Paranormal table for Zen Pinball has been announced, coming to the European PSN on October 20th.

The brand new table features:

  • 10 flipper bats
  • A mini playing field with 4 mini games
  • Creatures swarming across the playing field
  • Supernatural events such as floating objects and time portals
  • Four new, shiny trophies

It looks like it’s going to be a good halloween for pinball fans and this sounds like the craziest Zen Pinball table yet!

Source: Press Release


  1. i love zen pinball but i’m abit crap at it lol

    • same that v12 table is solid and the trophies are rock

      • I’m also crap at it, still have a LOT of trophies to get on all of the tables I own.

  2. The attention to detail on Zen’s tables is remarkable.

  3. Despite my lack of skills meaning i might never get to trigger half the features in this table i’m sorely tempted. I like zen pinball when i can manage to get ‘into the zone’.

  4. I always get the new tables, even though I’m a pinball retard.

    I wish Zen would include guides for all their tables, like “hit these bumpers to activate whatever, and then you gotta shoot three balls into there to score the jackpot” and sucnsuch

    • I think they do have a mini-guide in the game that tells you how to activate everything, i think its ones of the options in the pause screen.

  5. I also get every table that comes out, though i’m not very good at it.
    However its one of the only games my girlfriend plays.

  6. May get this as i own the game due to plus despite sucking at this game

  7. Can’t wait although I’m quite good at Zen Pinball this sure would be a challenge.

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