New Force Unleashed II Trailer

The trailers for the latest Star Wars game have certainly been epic, and this new one does nothing to buck that trend.  Featuring a mix of CGI and gameplay footage, it includes some of the scenes I managed to play at Gamescom (smashing Tie Fighters into columns etc).

Source: IGN



  1. B-E-A-utiful
    pre-ordered and going to play the original a week before this released this time on hard/expert.
    It looks absoulutely stunning. Looking forward to it.

    • The Sith Master difficulty is rediculously hard, in no small part to how buggy the game is. I’ve done it, but it took a LOT of patience, including having to leave my PS3 on overnight due to the lack of save points after a boss.

  2. Looks amazing cant wait.

  3. Hugeness!!

  4. Hmm… Darth Vader never had this much power and yet this guy is his pupil? I should get the first part of this game sometime…

  5. Wonderful trailer. One day I really hope they turn out a game that makes everyone happy.

  6. Alright, I’m in.
    Now that TFU is (almost) out of the way, can we have a lightsaber game for Move please LucasArts?

    • that’d be ace! and a tube connected to the ball so it lights up too!

    • Whenever nyone writes TFU, I immediately think of the Robot Wars episode of Spaced :)

  7. Awesome!!! Pre-ordered it a while back, you’d be mad not to.

    • I agree… mad is the word=) i already have this preordered too (collectiors edition) can’t wait for this as the first game was awesome…

  8. Epic. Must buy.

  9. Looks great, but the story isn’t exactly shaping up too hot in my eyes. Same starting premise as Mass Effect 2 plus we already know there’s no way Darth Vader’s going to “die” or anything(At least not in any canon ending), so they’d need to come up with something pretty sharp to give the game a satisfying climax.

  10. That really does look immense. I thought the first game was excellent and this just looks to have gone from strength to strength.

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