PES 2011 Gets First DLC Next Week

Konami have just announced the content of its first pack of DLC for PES 2011, which, we’re told, will be available next week on the 12th of October.

The update, which is free to owners of the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC versions, will bring the player roster files up to date and add the clubs that qualified for the UEFA Champions League Group Round to the game’s dedicated mode.


Konami told us that, in addition, a number of team kits have also been updated in line with their current use, and four more licensed boots have been incorporated.

The DLC will also feature three new wallpapers, although it sounds like they’re for the PC version.



  1. Cool beans

    Love the Champions League, both as the standalone mode and the midweek games in the Master League, its matchday presentation is superb.

  2. “The DLC will also feature three new wallpapers, although it sounds like they’re for the PC version.”

    It’s for a login screen. Saw it in settings.

    P.S. I like new menu style.

    • Log in screen?

      • I think it’s for the main menu, there’s a few more Messi wallpapers in the Extra Content section, under ‘wallpapers’ or something.

  3. Its great that Konami aren’t charging for dlc, that’s so great of PES 10

  4. … why not put it on the disk? it cant take that many months to stamp disks and ship them??? ahwel, at least the bits have been added i guess

    • Even though its free?

  5. Excellent news!
    My copy arrived yesterday and I have to say, PES is back! IMHO its one of the Best PES games in a long time.. Possibly the best (that might be a bit premature after only playing it for a few hours tho lol) :)

    • Nice to see this and nice to see pro evo at its best since the glory days of iss on the ps1 ah the memories indeed PES is back!

  6. Don’t own the game but it’s nice to see free dlc.

  7. So this is out in the uk tomorrow?

  8. FIFA updated squads already….that’s not really DLC, it’s just getting the database right isn’t it??

    Pro Evo lost it for me after 5 or 6 and I don’t think I can ever go back. I just love that right analogue stick for first-touch and skills soooooooo much!

  9. This years is IMO the best PES yet, it’s just so much deeper than any other footy game. Brilliant stuff

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