LOVEFiLM Heading To PS3

In terms of low key announcements, this one takes the prize.  On the 21st September a video was posted on the PlayStation YouTube channel titled ‘LOVEFiLM is coming to PlayStation 3’.  The trailer states that the PS3 film rental service will be starting in November.  Existing mail customers will incur no additional charge on their current monthly fee.

Source: Everything PlayStation



  1. Shwing!

    Anyone know if this is available in Ireland?

    • Ill contact them for more info

    • The LOVEFiLM service isn’t so I’d be surprised if this is.

      • Does anything ever come to Ireland?

      • Just the North usually…

      • No. Nothing. And bollocks to that.

      • I mailed them a loooong time ago and got a reply stating they were actively looking into it. I should sign up for their company newsletter in fact! Ehh, no.

      • Well in that case, maybe it is here ;) Damn you and your not signing up…lol jk we have NOTHING!

        Sorry, ate too much chocolate and am now on a hyper buzz! :D

      • Just Googled and there is nothing online about LoveFilm coming to Ireland. It’s a UK, Germany and Nordic service. They have plans for expansion and Amazon, apparently, have bought them out or are buying them out. Who knows.

        This will likely be yet another add-on service, akin to the video store, that the vast majority of Europe will never see.

      • When I saw video store, I was about to ask did you know something we don’t but then I realised…

        I have taken to posting my disdain on the Video Store update posts on the PS Blog…

  2. This is good

  3. Good news, and good to see its got a date unlike all the other stuff thats has been mentioned by there’s no sign of yet, like 4oD, ITVPlayer etc…

    Will accompany my subscription nicely

    • Yep, thrilled that this is coming so soon.

    • yep things are looking better we get mubi soon as well.

    • 4oD yes!, ITV… I’m not sure what I could catch-up on?

      • ITV os getting there – the player (and the whole of!) works via the PS3 browser, but when I tried to watch X-factor last night it said “Content unavailable in your region” – hmmm

      • Presumably that saved you from having to watch X factor though?

    • But who cares about any of that channel 4 garbage?

  4. I’ve been saying LOVEFiLM is coming to PS3 for the passed 2 months! I even sent it into TSA. There was signs of it all over their website! O-well, glad to see this coming but paying for this service again? Maybe, I’ve had it in the past and was a great service.

    • Sorry if we missed that mate, reader tips are always much appreciated!

    • Eh? We’ve featured it several times… Good to hear the date now though

  5. Excellent, no point buying that Sony internet tv now!


  7. Fantastic! It’s the service that just keeps on giving.

  8. Aww, that’s a shame. I’m not friends with Lovefilm anymore.

    • Same here. Their games rentals were getting pretty slow and I never seemed to get the new/popular games

  9. Good news :)

    I wonder though why this hasn’t “officially” been announced though ie. on the EU blog?

  10. The video had been removed by the user :(

    • Must have been removed in the last 20mins then?
      Quite odd that it’s been on there for over 2 weeks, nobody notices. But then as soon as sites find out and start reporting it, it get’s pulled.

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