Speedball 2 Heads To PS3, PSP, iPhone, Android

A YouTube teaser trailer has been released confirming that Speedball 2 is heading to the PS3 as a mini. First released many moons ago, Speedball 2 is a futuristic mash-up of Hockey and Handball, with points awarded for actions such as injuring members of the opposing team.

The ‘Evolution’ in the title hopefully points towards new features and updated graphics, although it’s not clear from the teaser. The game will be available for iPhone, iPhone4, iPad, Sony Minis, Android and Samsung Bada, and is the first in a series of Bitmap Brothers remakes handled by Tower Studios.


We’re hoping to get hands on with the game as soon as possible.

Source: press release, YouTube



  1. 3 words…

    Oh God Yes!!!

  2. oh my fucking god!


    oh a Mini? :(

    • oh bums, I thought it was a proper game too.

    • My sentiments exactly. What an amazing game, and a remake would be amazing, but why oh why oh why make this a mini? Nobody plays mini’s on their ps3 because they look shite and have no trophies. In internet speak, this could’ve been an epic win but instead is an epic fail.

      • Couldn’t agree more. Gutted.

      • Maybe it’s a precursor to a full on sequel though?

  3. Ice creams! Ice creams!

  4. Oh, as a Mini, that’s a little disappointing.

    • thats all it needs to be. Speedball 2 is awesome! they should have put it on the megadrive collection !

      • but, there’ll no online/offline multiplayer, and the image will be slightly squished (when played on PS3).

      • It’s not a sega owned property, so they couldn’t have released it on the megadrive collection. :(

      • Yeah, no multiplayer which was beyond awesome and thanks to Sony’s restraints on Minis there’s no way to include HD assets so it will look almost unplayabley shite on a big screen.

        Sony need to take a leaf out of Apple book as their games can carry different resolution for iPhone4 than they do for previous devices. It will even be in HD on the iPad. This should be a PSN release it will be hard to make out whats going on on screen

      • Ah didnt think of that initially. Online speedball 2 would be awesome

    • At least that way you’ll know that it will be close to the original Amiga version.
      I guess it’ll be like a port instead of a remake.
      Who knows, maybe if this version is well received they’ll have a budget to create a proper remake (multiplayer, extra leagues, different arenas, …)

  5. Now this is what I want on the PSP/3, it is a shame it is a Mini but I wonder if it will still be as awesome as it was as the original must be a lot smaller than the minis limit.

  6. fantastic, shame it’s a mini though so there won’t be any online play.

    still that does mean i’ll be able to play it on my psp as well, and it shouldn’t cost much either.

    • Exactly, if ever a game deserved the full PSN/XBLA remake treatment it’s Speedball! Being a mini means no online and no trophies etc, but still it’s good news for PSP owners and looking at the other platforms that has clearly been the focus.

      Hopefully the mobile nature will mean it’s truer to the original game too, and should also mean it’ll be cheap too!

      Who knows maybe a proper Speedball sequel will be on the cards if it does well, hopeful in the vein of Sonic 4 – in other words not trying to fix something that wasn’t broken!

      Also hasn’t this been out for a while on XBLA or did I imagine it?

  7. Aw – They missed a trick with this one! They should have done it as a full PSN/XBLA release with online leaderboards & trophies (& so forth) instead of a mini. PSN release & i would have picked it up on day one, but a mini? I’ll leave it thanks.

    • Speedball 2 came out on xbla 3 years ago. Was pulled last year i think due to licensing tho.

      • Nope, it was pulled because the developer/publisher of that version went bankrupt shortly after the games release.

  8. Ice cream ! Great news, I used to love this.

  9. Why the confusion? The minis dev kit is crazy cheap, same with iPhone etc. This is an indie so how are they supposed to justify a full PSN release with PS3 code?

  10. Fantastic.. but I agree, a full version would of been better. Having said that I wud be happy with a straight Amiga port of SB2, Chaos Engine and Gods.

    • And Magic Pockets.

      • *Gasp* Magic pockets was awesome!! Had completely forgotten about that game until you mentioned it!! I would pay good money for that.

      • Aw guys, All that Amiga stuff is heaven. Kicks most of the games released today.

      • I interviewed Betty Boo for that game :)

      • Betty Boo was also awesome back in the day! Was it ‘doin’ the doo’ that was the title screen music for Magic Pockets? It was something like that i’m sure.

      • I’m personally hoping for Xenon 2 Megablast -Oooooh yeah.

    • Almost all of Amiga’s greatest hits are perfect Minis material. I am already enjoying the Pinball Dreams and Pinball Fantasies Minis.
      Wasn’t there a third pinball game? Pinball Illusions? Weird that it isn’t yet ported to a Mini.

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