Uncharted Treasure Bearer Results

On Thursday evening, as a little celebration to UC2’s first birthday, which is also being celebrated by quintuple XP and no cash limits today, we held our third  Uncharted Treasure Bearer tournament.

19 of us gathered at the start of the competition and each round saw the lowest scoring players knocked out. The curse of the randomised draws came to haunt once again as the second party had two rock hard teams within it and the third round, which was Chain Reaction, all of which combined to see our reigning champion (that was me, teflon, by the way) make an early exit.

We pick up in the 4th round. At this stage the two parties were combined to play 5v5 against one another. The players that made it through were:

  • Party 1 – Aquastyle, Fokkusu, Mikex6989, Topgearsam and TheShepanator
  • Party 2 – Beneddy, Bodachi, Goodgoa, KingHawk and Yogdog

Quarter Final – Plunder on The Sanctuary

Right from the off, Party 2 dominated the flow of play with Beneddy getting two plunder captures in quick succession and Bodachi seizing an opportunity soon after to get a third. To highlight the complete shut out they faced for the first 3 minutes, during all this time, Party 1 had but a single touch of the treasure!

Credit where it’s due, though, as Party 2 rallied and switched into a more defensive mindset. Mikex and Fokkusu got in at the enemy’s base and held them at bay until the treasure could time out and re-spawn, allowing some solid teamwork to get the treasure into their base and prevent it from being a white wash with a capture by Fokkusu. Though with two minutes left, thoughts turned more to kills rather than captures as the person with the treasure would inevitably get shot in the back fairly quickly.

So the final score ended as it stood, at 3-1 to Party 2. Mikex got a very impressive 26 kills for his work, miles ahead of the next best. Whilst at the bottom Goodgoa scraped through by a single kill over Bodachi, who went out this round alongside TheShepanator.

Semi Final – Elimination on The Ice Cave

The scene for last UTB’s final became this contest’s semi final, and in the first round Yogdog got a good taste of the old shotgun from Fokkusu, which must have brought some horrible flashbacks. Though that couldn’t stop Party 2 from taking the round, after Fokkusu squandered a golden opportunity with the grenade launcher.

The second round went the other way, though, with only Topgearsam falling from Party 1, to level the tie 1-1. That was to be their only round win as Goodgoa put in some rather clinical performances along with great play from the rest of Party 2 to win the match 4-1. (Apologies for the brevity, there’s a bug in UC2 that prevents me watching 7 round Elimination files).

So Goa topped the tables, well ahead on 7 kills, but at the other end it was much closer as we saw Beneddy and Yogdog tied on 3, and Topgearsam tied with Mikex on 1 kill each. In both instances the difference was but a single, extremely costly death and we saw two of the major contenders, Yogdog and Topgearsam, exit before the final.

Final – Team Deathmatch on The Train Wreck

Well, we were already guaranteed a new champion her, end right out of the gates, it was clear to see that this was to be a competitive showing. If somewhat controversial, as Aquastyle’s complaints about Friendly Fire being on came back to haunt him with an accidental team kill from Mikex. I believe there was a high likelihood he would have been felled by a nearby grenade anyway but that’s up for debate.

In a constantly flowing first half, Goodgoa and Beneddy forged ahead briefly before being reeled back in points wise by Aqua, KingHawk and Mikex. But soon Aquastyle was pulling ahead with Goodgoa in tow, one or two kills behind at all times. If Aqua could keep it together then this was a fairly strong position with half time oncoming.

That is until the rather dramatic last minute (a UTB tradition). Goodgoa managed to seize the lead following an impressive 6 kill streak, the last of which was a mutual kill between himself and Aqua. Moments later, and with 30 seconds left, Goa took his 21st killas Aqua lay dead once more, before he re-spawned, rounded a corner, espied Goa and gunned him down to take it back to 21 apiece. He jumped down from his vantage point and as the last seconds ticked their last tock, he crucially didn’t have quite enough time to kill or be killed by Beneddy. Two seconds more and he might have had an extra kill.

As the snow settled on various bodies, Fokkusu lay in last, with KingHawk ahead of Beneddy for 4th just on kills. Mikex had some breathing space in 3rd on 16. It was Aquastyle and Goodgoa, though, tied on 21 kills, and separated by just a single (team) kill in Goodgoa’s favour.

So we have a new champion in the form of Goodgoa!

I’d like to offer my congratulations to him on a fantastic run to the title and £20 PSN voucher. He picked the right time to have an off match (unlike me), and getting a kill streak in the final is no mean feat.

I’d also like to thank everyone that took part in another great competition on TSA, we saw several new faces come along and there were several players that stepped into vacancies left by drop outs to keep the competition running at capacity. If you want to read a fuller write up of the tournament, it will be up in the Uncharted 2 forum at some point today.

Just a reminder that, if you aren’t already, you should all be keeping an eye out on the Community and Competitions news tabs, as well as joining in with as many meets as you can possibly manage. Uncharted 2 is having a get together for the extra XP, so sign up!

This post was written and submitted by Teflon.



  1. i let them win*laughs nervously*

  2. Congrats Goodgoa, had a feeling you were in with a chance after the first round !

  3. Well done to all. Wish I hadn’t traded this in now.

    • you deserve the regret you’re feeling right now :)

  4. Twas good fun. Got further than last time and now chain reaction is my fave game mode.

  5. As last time, this was alot of fun. And congrats to goodgoa with the win, you did great!

    The final was nerve-wrackingly close, and well, it kinda sucked loosing with only 1 (team)death. Hopefully, next time I won’t get third or second, but first.. ;)

  6. Well done to you all and congratulations to Goodgoa. Tef your exit was shocking, very shocking :p

    • *I meant extremely shocking and not very ;)

    • Eh, it was pretty close, and I went out… But at several points, a kill either way would have completely changed the complexion of the tourney. It’s just the way it goes :)

  7. wow, good win, very close!

  8. Well done to all who took part and congrats to Goodgoa.

  9. Cheers everyone. The final was very very close as Aqua said, everytime I got in front, Aqua responded. I was pretty lucky to get through in the Quarter Finals, had a shocking game. Well played to all that took part, was very enjoyable.

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