You Can Kinect Sitting Down

Much has been made of Kinect’s inability to recognise players sitting down. That was just the core Microsoft-supplied detection code though.  Developers have been able to code their own detection routines so that Kinect will work whether you are standing, sitting or even laying down.

Now according to Blitz Games Studios co-founder and Chief Technical Officer Andrew Oliver, Microsoft have changed the skeletal mapping of the data from Kinect’s sensor so that it will no longer matter if it cannot tell the difference between your ass and a seat cushion.

Speaking to Eurogamer he has revealed that Microsoft have moved the skeletal model’s “base node” from the base of the spine to the back of the neck.  The base node is the key reference point for Kinect’s skeletal model so when it became difficult for the system to ‘see’ the base of your spine when sitting because it was lost among cushions or behind your knees that is when Kinect struggled with a seated player.

Now that Kinect’s base node is not obscured when you sit down, “your hands and arms are still working,” says Oliver.  “You can do most actions.”

It is a recent change to the development software that Microsoft provide, one that was made too late for the launch titles.  However, Oliver says that “games going forward won’t have a problem”.

So has that addressed your main concern with Kinect?  Now it only needs to see your upper body, for some applications will you be able to be closer to the TV than four or five feet?  Will Kinect Adventures 2 allow you to sit in your plastic boat peripheral and paddle?


  1. Up, down, left or right; I’m still waiting for some good games before I blow £130 on it.

  2. You will still look like a twat while using it.

    • No change here then :(

      • But seriouly you will look like a idiot playing with it and i think a lot of fights will break out while playing it.

    • Need a scientific test doing on whether you look more of a twat waving your arms around, or waving 2 sex toys at the TV… I fear the latter

      • Hmm sex toys or boat saiiling.

        both are just wrong.

      • Some one need a cookie?

        There is far less frantic waving and flapping with the sex toys, it’s more purposeful slashing, thrusting, jabbing, poking, twisting, stroking and back handing smacking. Wink wink nudge nudge.

      • Soz cc (and i realise how you love to play devils advocate) but the ‘sex toy’ thing is SO tiring, i’m begining to nod off…Zzzzzzz

  3. I still don’t like it, or the move for that matter.

  4. I’m still concentrating on the amazingly bad lag problems and the fact that in many games directional movement and traversal seems to be done for you, not the best situation in my mind. But hey at the least the machine that needs no peripherals will be able to shift that boat peripheral now, score!

  5. pity it wasn’t ready for the launch games.

    • er, won’t they have to redesign the avatars again now… with very long legs..

      • Not long legs – i should have said legs up to their neck!

  6. By the sounds of it, its not ready for SH*T. I was even considerin it, id definatley wait for other people to try it out before i blow £130 on it!

    • ** If I was even considering it**

  7. Having played RUSE with Move I have to say that is a genuinely useful accessory. I have never enjoyed RTS on console because of the lack of mouse but the Move works brilliantly and doesn’t feel like a novelty.
    Kinect is gonna have to work a lot better than I’ve seen so far if it is going to be like that.

    • I’ve played RUSE with Move too, but most of the time I was trying to grab the ground and pull it around as in Black & White.

  8. Thank god for that. I can finally sit down in the boat I bought.

    • That has a hole in :)

    • hahaha im holding out for an upgraded version which is bound to be here next year ;)

  9. More chopping and changing at this late stage?

    It really is sounding more and more like they can’t make up their mind about what this thing does ad doesn’t do/will do/should do.

    • The constant updates are a good thing, no?

      It certainly look like it needs it for some titles

  10. @ 3shirts, I agree RUSE really does works well with Move, but can you imagine playing Move with Kinnect ? frantic arm waving trying to stop your troops from attacking that flame thrower bunker instead of capturing the enemy base.

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