Konami Reveal EU 3DS Game Line-Up

Konami is all set to support the Nintendo 3DS in the EU with the release of new versions of some of its classic franchises. 

The games confirmed so far are the Hideo Kojima-developed Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater; a new Pro Evolution Soccer title; classic run’n’gun shooter, Contra, and Frogger.

Kunio Neo, President for Konami Digital Entertainment, had the following to say:

 “We are delighted to confirm that KONAMI has four major titles in development for Nintendo’s 3DS system. 

The chance to explore popular franchises such as Metal Gear Solid, Pro Evolution Soccer, Contra and Frogger within a 3D realm is an exciting opportunity, and we cannot wait to share more news in the coming months.”

Source: Press Release


  1. My mate said ‘Epic’, so I’ll take his word for it.

  2. Looks like i’ll be investing in a 3DS then…..

  3. Has the 3DS got a revised release date yet?

    • Still March 2011. I dont think an exact date has been given

      • Cheers
        I heard about the delay but missed the new date.

  4. Frogger 3D, can’t wait..

  5. im not really fussed about the 3DS, but i really hope it dose well due to the 3D part of it. If they get 3D to enough people, then 3D gaming on a proper console will get lots of love id think

  6. man i need a 3ds lookin at the lauch titles alone its an essential purchase, mgs pro evo sf4 zelda pilotwings the list goes on

  7. i’m holding out till sony outline their psp2 specs and games
    pleaseeeeee outdo this sony!

  8. SOLD! unless there is a HD remake on ps3.

  9. 2011 looks like the year the next-gen portables war begins (with PSP2 and 3DS)

    hopefully the PSP2 will have a equally as impressive line-up

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