Hudson’s 3DS Games Listed

The 3DS is starting to gather real momentum now that more titles are being revealed for it.  Hudson has listed the games it intends to make for the new console, and it contains some real gems.  First up is the ‘Kororinpa’ series, which is like Super Monkey Ball but with marbles.  I seem to recall the first game being an early Wii title, and a good one at that.  Next up is ‘Omega Five’ which you can already download from LIVE.  This side scrolling shooter isn’t the best in its genre, but provides a decent distraction.  Then there is ‘Deca Sports Extreme’, which I’m not too familiar with.

So that was for spring 2011, but there is also more on the way.  Bomberman, Bonk and Tetris have all been listed for a 2011 release – all in 3D.  My wallet is looking sad.

Source: Siliconera


  1. Tetris in 3D? Why would you want that?
    People buy it because it is such an old – school 2D game.

  2. Hudson … is that the bee logo??

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