Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Trailer

Harry Potter is big business, yet despite this I’ve always found the games to be a bit lacking.  They’ve not been bad, but they just seem to lack personality with all the characters having dead eyes and no emotion (let’s refrain from jokes about the actors!).  The trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 seems to rectify that somewhat, and I’m actually interested in playing the game now.

Source: Press Release, Video from Joystiq


  1. Violence doesn’t change everything to me its still that annoying franchise that I wished had died already.

  2. actually enjoyed the last harry Potter game so quite interested in this – def a rental anyway

  3. The film is being released in two parts isn’t it? So does that mean there’ll be two games, or just this one?

    • im guessing 2 parts

    • Two parts, second part is out next year.

    • you don’t think ea will just release one game when they can release two do you? :)

      • I hadn’t considered the EA factor. Obvious really.

  4. Still looks abit s**t to me

  5. Hmm interesting. But i think this game might be the best harry potter game yet. I hope that you will be able to explore.

  6. NEEDS Move support!

    Still wouldn’t buy it mind you, but it’d be cool nonetheless!

  7. The Harry Potter games have not interestrd me since the first two (which i still love)
    this one has some graphics but it looks too much like a shooter, which is depressing for a series which i love for its adventure.

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