Top Ten Amusing Fallout: New Vegas Bugs

Fallout: New Vegas – is it a bug ridden pile of toss or a massively playable RPG with some bearable faults? We scored the game a respectable 7 in our review but did you know the game features moonwalking dogs, hovering lizards  and crotch nibbling demon men?

10: The Amazing Hovering Lizard. It’s a little known fact that mutant lizards can levitate and reach an altitude of almost 100 metres.

9: Zombie Eye Dog. This mutt manages to get around New Vegas despite both his eyeballs being attached to the side of his head.

8. The Amazing Invisible Typewriter. You’re not fooling anyone, there is no typewriter. The typewriter is a lie!

7. The Devil Man. Devil man has a rotating head and will glide towards your crotch and make the screen go blurry. Eeek!

6: The Mysterious Giant Exclamation mark. Fallout: New Vegas equivalent of “OMG!”

5: Beyond The Thunderdome. What lays beyond the impassable range of mountains?

3: The Magical, Invincible, Multiple man. Like a set of superhuman Russian stacking dolls this is a man within a man within a man.

2: Michael The Moonwalking Dog. He’s bad.

1: The Man Who Has A Ceiling For His Head. Fallout: New Vegas was directed by David Lynch (see no.7 for further proof).


  1. Oh lordy. Makes you wonder, huh?

    • Makes me wonder what kind of testing phase they have over there.

      I had to restart my game because it locked my right stick and thus I could only forward, back and strafe. Its a real shame too, because the actual game is great. Hopefully this patch will come out real soon.

  2. I feel glitches give games character. I’m sure an update will fix all theses “character building” mishaps. I remember in Red Dead Redemption, in the mission where you have to get a white stallion to free the slave, just after set I him free and the mission ended, a snake came and killed him. I couldn’t finish part 2 of the mission but it made the whole world much more realistic (at least until the patch fixed it anyways. See? Character!

    • Snakes killing slaves is one thing, a guy with a rotating devil head isn’t character, it’s a bug.

      • Insert joke about I Know A Bloke With A Rotating Head, or My Head Used To Do That, here…

  3. That devil man is horrific. Thats some excorcism shit that.

    • ha ha, got me a little freaked out too.

      • It’s absolutely hilarious, if thoroughly shoddy.

  4. Yup. This one is a dodger for me. And not the Jammie kind.

    • makes me not want to play the game now, was still quite up for it after reading the review.

      Think i’ll just try to complete Fallout 3 instead of dropping £40 there

  5. You’re missing a 4.

    • It’s a bug.

      • I would like to announce that a patch for this news item will be available in the near future. This will be a patch for the PC version, if you are viewing this via the PS3 then I’m afraid we really don’t care about you.

        (And yes it was on purpose just so I could make a dig about Fallout 3 never being patched on PS3)

      • Tuffcub it was patched on ps3, they just did a s****y job of it.

      • @ Tuffcub. Thats funny as i’m viewing this on my ps3 and the pictures don’t work. I’m starting to think there’s a conspiracy!

  6. These glitches are pretty funny, but coupled with freezing bugs its a wonder people hand over cash for a faulty product.

    Still, if people keep buying it there’s no incentive for them to sort it out before release. Sure any game can have a glitch but the volume of them in Fallout titles is baffling.

    • No wonder everyone rushes out to buy it when its getting lots and lots of praise by reviewers.

      Maybe reviewers should rate the buggy games lower then. With such an amount of bugs a game should never get high ratings (even if the game is “long”, “complex” or similar irrelevant excuses). Bugs should have a greater impact on the score. The 9s it’s getting are ridiculous…

      • Yeah, the game in its current state is not a 9. The game beneath all of those bugs in most definitely a 9 though.

        I think we should start reviewing developers. I mean thats two buggy as hell games out of Obsidian in a row, right?

  7. I don’t think the moonwalking dog is a glitch, I think it’s excellent.

  8. Utterly pathetic. I’m glad articles are run like this so they realise their quality control and testing is the joke of the industry. Sloppy, unprofessional and downright inexcusable.

    • It’s simply the downfall of the engine. The way the scripting works fantastic content wise, it’s just a shame that the by-product is a shit load of bugs. To be fair the turn around for details on a new patch was fantastic. Better late than never.

      • Whether the engine was built in-house or bought in, it’s still inexcusable.

      • hear, hear.
        it’s like selling a chair, but occasionally two of the chair’s legs rotate 180 degrees.
        I think in prolificly bug ridden games like this the developer and publisher should pick up the cost of compensating the consumer.

      • @person678
        I think better never than this level of quality.

  9. Is it really acceptable to release such a bug ridden game like this? I appreciate that it is a rather expansive RPG but stil…..

  10. Wow. Makes you think really.

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