Top Ten Amusing Fallout: New Vegas Bugs

Fallout: New Vegas – is it a bug ridden pile of toss or a massively playable RPG with some bearable faults? We scored the game a respectable 7 in our review but did you know the game features moonwalking dogs, hovering lizards  and crotch nibbling demon men?

10: The Amazing Hovering Lizard. It’s a little known fact that mutant lizards can levitate and reach an altitude of almost 100 metres.

9: Zombie Eye Dog. This mutt manages to get around New Vegas despite both his eyeballs being attached to the side of his head.

8. The Amazing Invisible Typewriter. You’re not fooling anyone, there is no typewriter. The typewriter is a lie!

7. The Devil Man. Devil man has a rotating head and will glide towards your crotch and make the screen go blurry. Eeek!

6: The Mysterious Giant Exclamation mark. Fallout: New Vegas equivalent of “OMG!”

5: Beyond The Thunderdome. What lays beyond the impassable range of mountains?

3: The Magical, Invincible, Multiple man. Like a set of superhuman Russian stacking dolls this is a man within a man within a man.

2: Michael The Moonwalking Dog. He’s bad.

1: The Man Who Has A Ceiling For His Head. Fallout: New Vegas was directed by David Lynch (see no.7 for further proof).


  1. Outrage at Bethesda releases a bug ridden mess? Really? It’s their “thing” ffs.

  2. Can someone get a micheal jackson song to play over the moonwalking bug?

  3. got my copy today 8D a “whole” day early here :p
    iv already come across half of these >< pretty buggy

  4. Wait. They’ve found 9 big bugs and it’s been out A DAY!? No, Its not even out yet! WHAT!

    • Been out two days across the pond tbf.

  5. This makes me much happier that I chose to give this game a miss until it became cheaper. Hopefully it will be playable by then :)

    • That what I did for Fallout 3 as well. I’m not in a big hurry to buy New Vegas, maybe when the price drops.

      • On the plus side, if word gets out that its buggy, it may reduce sales meaning it gets cheaper quicker ;) Of course I doubt that but you never know.

  6. Disappointing really. Why would they release something with so much bug and glitches. I’m not giving them my money for something that’ll p!ss me off so much. I’m sure it’s a great game…but the amount of bugs killed it for me.

  7. That;s why I’m not buying new Fallout on PS3 until it’s at least patched. Will probably wait till GOTY edition for this. Will the developers never learn?

  8. Been hearing the game’s a bit of a mess all around on every platform from people getting their copies early today. Glad I’m waiting.

    Honestly, I’d have expected a much more polished product from the makers of Fallout 3 working in collaboration with the makers of Alpha Protocol. You just can’t rely on anyone anymore :(

  9. I got it today and haven’t encountered any bugs. Yet.

  10. I have my copy and im a lill scared to play now

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