TSA F1 Championship: Round 2 Results

This week saw the TSA F1 Championship travel to Shanghai, China, which resulted in some rather entertaining races, the results and reports of which are now in.

Championship A

After a dry qualifying, in which Beelzie once again took Pole, we got underway to a wet race day (to many a howl of annoyance) with a fairly clean first corner. A couple of people went wide, and Daywalker gently spun but recovered (with a later nullified penalty) fairly snappily. Spooferbarnabas got into the lead, and ran off with it.

At the start of the 2nd lap, Daywalker had recovered to 6th place with three racers close behind him, but conditions caused him to run wide at the first corner and spin out, hitting Matty in the side with his rear end and in turn spinning Matty. This was one of the many spins that we saw in difficult conditions, with almost everyone, including Manorhowze who was down in 8th at one point, getting it wrong.

Yogdog, deputising for Reck46, braked late into Turn 11 taking him into Teflon. Teflon was involved once more after the pits as he got the penultimate corner wrong, letting Matty get a run past him into the last corner. However, Matty hadn’t cleared him properly and didn’t leave enough space on the inside, leading toc a Webber-Hamilton-esque coming together (except this time it was Webber… uh, Teflon that came off worse).

The battle in the middle of the pack heated up suddenly on the last lap. Everyone’s tyres were going away from them, and many were almost completely worn out, when Spooferbarnabas suffered a puncture from the lead he’d held for nearly the entire race. Suddenly he was being passed, and coming onto the long back straight, there was a gaggle of 5 or 6 racers surrounding him. There may have been a nudge somewhere, but several racers span out, including Daywalker and Matty. Teflon, who had been a way behind the action, got a chance to weave his way through but Matty’s span left blocking half the road, and as Teflon tried to go round the outside Matty was trying to roll up the bank into the gravel. The resulting crash nicely set up the last corner, as Matty was a few seconds ahead but his tyres defied him and he ran wide. Teflon swept round the final corner and stole 7th from him by 0.1 seconds.

All the excitement in the middle of the pack distracted from Manorhowze’s great recovery from 8th all the way up to 2nd, as well as Camdaz’ solid drive that saw him inherit a win from Spoofer’s ruined day.

The final standings were:

  1. Cam the man – 25 (points)
  2. Manorhowze – 18
  3. Heedbaw – 15
  4. SpikeyMikey23 – 12
  5. Beelzie14 – 10
  6. Daywalker – 8
  7. Teflon – 6
  8. Matty – 4
  9. Spooferbarnabas – 2
  10. Reck46 – 1 (Yogdog racing)
  11. Aerobes – 0 (DNF)
  12. Gazo69 – 0 (DNF)

Championship B

In a somewhat less eventful race Jambo qualified on pole from AshGraham, and got away to a good start on a dry trackc. The first corner was a little crazy, with a people coming together, spinning, and running wide.

The first corner gained a few more victims as Teflon (in for DJKaty) was chasing after Michi, but ran wide and span out on the 2nd lap, dropping to 4th from 8th. However it did give him a perfect view of the ongoing battle between Ro6afc11 and Gernboes, who got a little rough at times, letting Teflon back through only for him to run wide at the first corner again, and letting Gernboes make up a place. The battle didn’t stop there though, with Teflon trying to come back only for his tyres and brakes to fail him leading to a collision with the side of Gernboes, before stopping to let him (and inadvertently Josh653) past.

The fun didn’t stop there for Gernboes, as after his pit stop he came out in 4th, and then had a running battle across several corners with AG2297. AG had a lot more speed down the straight, and eventually he fought his was past. Both soon met JamboGT, who had to pit for a second time following a puncture on the 8th lap and drove with a real purpose, sweeping past Gernboes and then AG2297 not long after to claw his way back up to 4th.

AshGraham, though, simply ran a solid race, and after inheriting the lead from Jambo (Deja vu?) cruised to a win ahead of Michi and Yersal.

The final standings were:

  1. Ashgraham99 – 25
  2. Michi – 18
  3. Yersal – 15
  4. JamboGT – 12
  5. AG2297 – 10
  6. Gernboes – 8
  7. Charles Logan – 6
  8. DJKaty – 4 (Teflon racing)
  9. Ro6afc11 – 2
  10. Josh653 – 1
  11. Duncanuaz – 0
  12. Freezebug2 – 0

Championship C

If groups A and B were Competitive and Calm, respectively, the Group C was Complete Chaos. Baxteros qualified in Pole, ahead of Tom_Lord by 1/10th of a second. Tom_Lord was something of a super sub in this championship, as we saw 4 reserve drivers. Squalje had Tom_Lord, Kamikaze-UK had Tonyyeb, Sympozium had Yogdog, and Colin was out with AG2297 in for him.

The first lap saw plenty of collision and spins, far too many to recall, but it was just the begining of some rather aggressive and tough racing. Tom_Lord got off to a flying start ahead of Tonyyeb, as they managed to get past Baxteros (Pole Position seems to be cursed), who dropped back into the clutches of Icuyesido. They had quite a rough and long running battle, which culminated in a coming together that saw both of them spin off the track, and let AG2297 get a sizeable lead on the pair of them.

Turning F1 into a contact sport wasn’t the only craziness to go on though. Stingraz suffered an analogue stick failure, which saw him crash headlong into a tyre wall. Superjag was massively hindered by not one but two punctures at the first corner, leaving him dead last, only ahead of Stingraz’ retirement and Wick15’s disconnection. Baconsarnie struggled with a very unstable rear end for the entire race as well.

Both Tom_Lord and LFC-Gaz came into the pits and left with the same tyre type, which meant they had to pit again before the end. Luckily for Tom he had enough of a lead to be able to just about hang onto the win. The super sub story didn’t end there though. Tom had the win, but Tonyyeb was second, whilst Yogdog’s long strategy on Primes saw him come out ahead of AG into 4th. Bizarrely, 4 of the top 5 places in this race were filled by reserves!

The final standings were:

  1. Squalje – 25 (Tom_Lord racing)
  2. Kamikaze-UK – 18 (Tonyyeb racing)
  3. Baxteros – 15
  4. Symposium_666 – 12 (Yogdog racing)
  5. Colinbarr66 – 10 (AG2297 racing)
  6. Icuyesido – 8
  7. Baconsarnie – 6
  8. DJ_Judas – 4
  9. LFC-Gaz – 2
  10. Superjag86 – 1
  11. Stingraz – 0 (DNF)
  12. Wick15 – 0 (DNF)

Congratulations to Camdaz, AshGraham and Squalje on their wins. For the current championship standings, check the F1 Championship thread in the forums.

The next race in the calendar was revealed last week as Monte Carlo, Monaco. A no holds barred street circuit that will test the marshals to the extreme, as there will be plenty of accidents, mistakes, punctures, wing removals and retirements going on. Qualifying will be all important, as whoever sits on Pole has the best chance of escaping the first corner in one piece. The following week will see us travel to Istanbul Park, Turkey. One of the fastest tracks of the year, with the famous Turn 8 corner, four sweeping apexes that, if taken to perfection will see you take a lot more speed onto the following straight, and plenty other points that are reminiscent of some of the best of the rest of the F1 world.

How was the first Championship race for you? Do you fancy your chances on the next track? Any predictions on next week’s winners? Let us know in the comments below.

This post was written by AG2297 and teflon.



  1. Good write up, irritating race for me with the puncture whilst leading but happy to finish fourth.

    Monaco is going to be, well, interesting…

    Istanbul should be fun!

  2. Camera to the rescue! Great race, if a little frustrating at times with the god awful weather. so unlucky Spoof.

    • I will destroy you at Istanbul.

      • Bring it old man. And you better not take MY Renault. There will be HELL to pay.

  3. I predict that a grand total of 10 players will finish from the starting 36. Of those starting 36, 7 will not have posted a qualifying lap, and 5 will crash out during qualifying…

    In one of the races, the Pole sitter will crash out, but in the other two, he will win.

    Monday’s race will have a nice clean first corner. The other two will be complete carnage.

    Tuesday will be a wet race. It will also have the fewest racers finishing.

    These are my bets. If I win all of them, I declare myself to be amazing. ;)

    • My knowledge: I need to practice and I’m not very good. Maybe I should just let you race for me :P

      • You missed teflon’s awesome impersonation of you :D… “im Djkaty, im an angry lesbian!”. We need you at the next race! We are all too calm.

      • No problem I’ll come stir it up, just don’t expect me to say ‘F asterisk asterisk K’ like the comment filter on here :P

  4. Had a custom set up and just couldn’t stop spinning, even when I was taking corners slow and coasting round them!
    Looking forward to the next race, will be manic!

  5. “which culminated in a coming together” by that do you mean Bax not braking and shoving us both off the track! >:I

    • I braked…later. That’s how you go fast. But I forgot that you have to brake earlier when you have crap on your tyres from driving all over the grass. I apologise for not taking that into account.

      • I want you to ask AG to swap our points…. now! :P

      • No :P

      • …. You wait till next race, I WILL cost you more than 3 places… trust me! >:)

      • You’ll have to catch me first, unless you do it when I’m lapping you.

      • Well you were behind me last race, you will be again.

      • And then I was behind you after the “coming together” since I waited for you to get back on track and pull away before rejoining. So how did you end up 6th claiming that the “coming together” cost you 3 places?

      • Cost me 3 places because when we went off AG and you got past and because I was stuck behind AG, yogdog just got ahead of us when he came out of the pits.

  6. Bit annoyed that the puncture cost me 23 points effectively, but at least i can be happy that i’d driven the whole race on Shanghai without spinning etc.

    Looking forward to Monaco, should be a right laugh. Although, if the person in front of you spins you have literally nowhere to go

    • You were unlucky to get that puncture but the extra 7 points were good for me as I didn’t get to compete in the first race.

  7. “Tom_Lord Racing”……….How did you know?! That’s what my 2012 entry F1 team is called, replacing Hispania!

    • I tried to get into this season with Stefan GP, but no dice…

      • Thats why I was so disappointed that “Virgin” bought out “Manor”

  8. I just want a tyre which doesn’t self-destruct. 2 x poles but NO wins is starting to get on my proverbial mits!! MOnaco is going to be tough as hell.

  9. Was racing with Spoof and Tef earlier on Monaco. at least 7 people will not finish on sunday. Slow and Steady wins the race there. Unless im beg=hind you. then you better go fast. real fast. Yes you Teflon. Watch for THE YELLOW THUNDER!!

    • I think you have a good chance on Sunday, you normally do really well on monaco if you get some distance between yourself and others.

    • No, YOU watch for the yellow thunder :P

      @AG, that’s why I say whoever is on pole wins…

      • @teflon, thats assuming they manage to complete the race without any spin/contact with a barrier/problems with lapping/punctures which would see them lose first position

  10. Can we change the front page graphic for the TSA F1 Championship from the F1 2007 in GT5 Prologue to one from the ACTUAL F1 2010 game?! Lol

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