TSA F1 Championship: Round 3 Results

This week our racers travelled to Monte Carlo, Monaco, for what was always going to be a very contact heavy race. Monaco was always going to be a hectic race, but with the announcement of new prizes after a generous donation from Codemasters, would our racers take the competition to a new level?

Championship A

After a crazy Qualifying session, in which 8 racers crashed out, including Manorhowze and Camdaz, and with 3 of those not having set any time at all, it looked like we were in for a completely insane time around Monaco, and that’s kind of what we got.

In spite of the two chaotic practice runs before hand, everybody got past the first corner with not a single crash. It got insanely tight up the hill, but again, no crashes. So this time, it lay on Mirabeau’s (Turn 5) shoulders to provide the chaos, there was a three car pile up as racing lines disappeared for the middle of the pack, and numerous other spins and comings together throughout the first lap.

As well as several players suffering from not having their racing lines, wings were dropping off quite a few noses and the curse of the punctured tyres reared its ugly head several times. Spooferbarnabas suffered a puncture on the 5th lap, whilst Teflon got two in consecutive laps, and there were many more for others; almost everyone saw the pits several times.

However, unlike Qualifying, there were only 3 retirements, though the standing seesawed back and forth. Matty managed to best his lack of line and take 3rd, whilst Camdaz’ long strategy paid off and from the back he came through in 2nd on some very tired Softs. However, unlike last week Spooferbarnabas was able to recover from his punctured tyre as others faltered ahead of him and take his first win of the championship. I don’t want to detract from his great win but this race would have inevitably unfolded very differently had it happened after the upcoming patch…

The final standings were:

  1. Spooferbarnabas – 25 (points)
  2. Cam the man – 18
  3. Matty – 15
  4. Manorhowze – 12
  5. Beelzie14 – 10
  6. Reck46 – 8
  7. Heedbaw – 6
  8. Daywalker – 4
  9. Teflon – 2 (DNF)
  10. SpikeyMikey23 – 1 (DNF)
  11. Gazo69 – 0 (DNF)
  12. Aerobes – 0 (DNF)

Championship B

In Championship B we had Djkaty racing with us for the first time after having a reserve driver for the first two races. Djkaty had amassed the almighty online rank of 1, so you can imagine how much online experience she had gathered. Nevertheless, after a rather amusing first corner, the practice lap was completed and qualifying begun.

Soon into qualifying JamboGT was disconnected. Seeing as no one had set a time yet, and a few drivers had already smashed their cars up, it was decided to restart qualifying allowing Jambo to re-enter. This also meant some drivers got a little extra practice so it turned out good for everyone. The qualifying session ended with JamboGT on pole with a 1.15.9.

The race was lead by Jambo on the first lap who maintained his position until he got a puncture and had to make a trip to the pits meaning Ashgraham and Michi were now in 1st and 2nd place.  After both Ash and Michi pitted however, Jambo managed to get the jump on Michi and was right on Ash’s tail before another puncture hit him, causing him to lose control and smash out into a wall.

Djkaty was next to achieve a DNF but had done well for someone who had extremely little practice. It didn’t stop there though as the crashes just kept on coming. AG2297 was next in line after 5 pit stops (4 new front wings and one puncture) after trying to nurse back to the pits with his second puncture he lost it in the tunnel and hit the wall. Near to the end of the race Gernboes and Michi had a glitchy end to their races as both seemed to miraculously crash out at roughly the same time despite not coming into any major contact with anything.

Despite all the troubles, people were generally in good spirits at the end of the race considering all the problems. Djkaty even offered everyone a fry up which she had begun to make, starting a debate about who would be having what and we found out that some TSA members have a hatred for mushrooms.

The final standings were:

  1. Ashagraham99 – 25
  2. Ro6afc11 – 18
  3. freezebug2 – 15
  4. Yersal – 12
  5. Charles Logan – 10
  6. Josh653 – 8
  7. duncanuaz – 6
  8. Michi – 4 (DNF)
  9. gernboes – 2 (DNF)
  10. AG2297 – 1 (DNF)
  11. Djkaty – 0 (DNF)
  12. JamboGT – 0 (DNF)

Championship C

Qualifying was an interesting affair with the track starting dry but raining more as it went on. JamboGT (covering for baconsarnie) managed to secure pole with a 1.16.7 with Ashgraham (covering for lfc-gaz) in second and Baxteros in third.

Jambo led the race, but spinned out on the first lap losing his front wing meaning an early pit stop. By lap four the positions had changed quite a lot, with Ashgraham leading the race and Jag and Baxteros in second and third. Ash got a puncture this lap allowing Jag and Baxteros to overtake and enter the pits together where Baxteros got the jump over Jag.

Baxteros victory was short lived however as he soon got a puncture which allowed Jag to take his place back (after damaging his front wing in the process). Ash caught up with him a few laps later and passed him, while Jambo had worked his way back up the field to catch up with Jag on the last lap only to spin on the last corner while avoiding a collision.

The final standings were:

  1. Lfc-gaz (Ashgraham racing) – 25
  2. Superjag86– 18
  3. baconsarnie (JamboGT racing) – 15
  4. Baxteros – 12
  5. Squalje – 10
  6. tonyyeb (Matty racing) – 8
  7. Colinbarr66 – 6
  8. Wick15 – 4
  9. Sympozium_666 (Daywalker racing) – 2
  10. DJ_Judas (Yogdog racing) – 1
  11. icuyesido – 0 (DNF)
  12. Stingraz – 0 (DNF)

This week’s Championship was very eventful and was always going to be seeing as it was Monaco. Istanbul, next week’s race, should see a return to some level of normality. The week after next we will be racing at Montreal. Do you fancy your chances on this track? Are you re-focused after a chaotic Monaco? Let us know in the comments below.

As a final note, TheSixthAxis has a new Community Twitter account for any community updates/competitions. Clues and hints to new competitions will be appearing there, including some announcements. Feel free to follow and tweet us any competition suggestions or questions you might have.

This post was written and submitted by AG2297.



  1. *Round 3


  2. Monaco was hectic but gien the nature of the track it was pretty much guaranteed to cause problems.

    Looking forward to Istanbul and Montreal. Me Rob and Jambo had an interesting race at Montreal a week or so back and we had 3 abreast going into the final chicane. HOpefully the championship race will be a bit less intense than that.

  3. Looking forward to the next two races. Nice quick tracks both with nice flowing corners. Thanks to Matty for covering this week. I should be good for the remainder of the championship now.

  4. Sweeet! Montreal, one of my top three favourite tracks, although the first track Melbourne is right up there but the game froze on me in that event so I never got to race on it :(
    The mushroom debate was my poor attempt at a joke..Katy’s fry up, I just asked if she was frying Mushrooms ie. “Button” Mushrooms…the Mclaren of spore bearing fungi. I do like those baby button mushrooms fried though lol.

  5. I managed to smash it into the wall when exiting the pit lane about 10 seconds into qualifying. No idea what happened, turned and it slid right into the wall, must have been the rain.
    Looking forward to Montreal, my favourite track and I’m normally quick on it. We’ll see though, the 2 races I’ve been in have been quite unpredictable.

    • Yes it was really weird. I came out the pits a few seconds after you and it looked really strange from my screen. Your car went all ghosty and then became a big dsut cloud parked in the inside wall at turn 1.

    • At least you can blame the rain, I did the same thing on turn 1 but on my flying lap and in the dry. I think I bounced off the kerb and straight into the wall.
      Was happy to finish second after that.

  6. These races are so unpredictable it’s quite funny in a strange way. I got a bit unlucky with my puncture but then so did cam and i took back the lead which was lucky. Good race and hilarious with everyone on the mics.

    Loved it when spikeymikey said nothing for ages and then just said “my racing lines come back”. It doesn’t sound funny but his awesome accent made it hilarious.

    Looking forward to Istanbul, montreal i’m no so good at but it will still be fun :)

  7. I raged so much in that race, so much bad luck… as usual. =(

  8. Another interesting set of races by the sounds of it and quite glad that is Monaco out of the way. Looking forward to both the next races. Montreal is a good choice AG. Has the potential for some close racing.

    Can I just reiterate, I really do detest mushrooms.

  9. Woo Montreal! Great track. Hoping to win that one so I can make into the top 3.

  10. 2 Punctures thats quite a tale regards JamboGT , he must have been seething !!

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