Sony Earnings Call Talks PS Phone, PSP2 & Tablets

Earnings calls can go two ways. It’s either a long, irksome tirade of figures and back-slapping, interspersed by the sounds of gun-fire and a CFO demanding people “work harder, and smarter, you fools!”, or someone asks a question and someone else who probably should know better spills details they shouldn’t.


Sony’s latest financial round-table kind of fits somewhere in the middle.

Asked about the much rumoured PlayStation Phone (you know, the “fake” one*), a Sony representative (through a translator) went as far as stating, if one such device did exist of course, how it would come to market. It seems the PS Phone would be prototyped by the company’s recently restructured Network Services division. Hardly a “What are you talking about? PlayStation Phone? Are you insane?”

In other Sony news, the call also revealed that a Sony tablet looks to be on the horizon. And we’re not talking about the Dash (we hope). How imminent such a Sony slab would be is anyone’s guess, but they are looking into it. Badly translated quote time:

As for tablet, and this, too, we will not be able to tell you when and what kind of product. But obviously as a mobile strategy, this occupies a very important position. On one hand there is PC, and on the other hand there is the joint venture with Ericsson on smartphone and for the games devices. And tablets, some fall somewhere in between, and it is true Apple has led the market, but when we are to enter the market, we would like to put a Sony character onto the… a new product, and that is the effort we are making right now. Therefore I think you can hope for a very good product to come out.

Finally, yes, the PSP2 topic was also raised (barely), resulting in yet another weird, disjointed Japanese to English language abomination. They do appear to be linking PSP and “mobile” an awful lot, though, so it’s hard to tell if they’re actually talking about the PSP2 or more about the PlayStation Phone. Or both.

As for the new PSP product, as mentioned, I know that you are not asking me to tell you when we will be coming out with a new product, but there is a gaming market based on the cellphones, and there are many changes that are being seen with Nintendo, as well as ourselves, in the field of the product for the gamers. And there are smartphones and others or even cellphones gaming markets are very popular here in Japan. So the market itself is very… expanding.

Expanding markets. Ominous.

Source: Engadget

*Engadget also have new photos of the mythical PlayStation Phone. If you’re interested in looking at something that doesn’t exist.



  1. Trying to work whether sony were talking about the PSP2 or the Playstation phone is like trying to decipher the rosetta stone while wearing very dark sunglasses.

  2. I am left confused what is happening with Playstation has a mobile contraption?

  3. I’m sure Sony are aware of the fact that gaming is bigger on the iPhone than it is on the PSP. People don’t need cutting edge hardware (although that helps). People don’t want to carry around multiple devices when current technology allows for a mobile phone, an MP3 player and a gaming device all in one handset.

    • Battery is a massive problem. If i’m out for a day, my phone already doesn’t last. I’ll get home with 2% battery, and i have a sony ericsson. I use my phone when i’m out for obvious telephony (texting, making calls), web browsing, and listening to music. If i add gaming to that list, i’ll need at least 2 batteries to get me through a day. So unless it comes with 2 batteries, or they’ve invented some amazing battery that lasts at least twice as long as current ones, we have a problem. I don’t mind my Psp dying while i’m out, that just means i can’t play any more games for the day, but if my phone dies, i’m fucked as i need it a lot. Also, sony ericsson insist on making you use stupid connections for headphones and chargers, why? Why not just have a standard headphone jack socket? Muppets!

      • Nokia… totally PS3 compatible… strange but true!

  4. Has nobody thought that maybe the PSP2 and PS Phone are one and the same and not two separate products?

    • Has nobody thought that maybe the PSP2 and PS Phone are one and the same and not two separate products? That would explain why they talk about it in the same sentence here as if they are the same product.

      • It is possible, although deep down I doubt that Sony would force consumers who have a phone they’re happy with to buy a new phone just to get their hands on the new PSP hardware…

  5. One of the Engadget pictures are flawed..
    When it is showing a menu with the phone opened, it says “A Next” “B Back” Instead of “X” or “O”..

    • That’s Android, the operating system running on the device. It’s a prototype, the final version would be more tailored for Sony’s brand.

  6. yeah ive seen that but if you read the text it says “It should also be obvious that the device pictured in those photos is a prototype running early software (which would explain the A / B button mention in the photo above)” which could explain it, or it’s a fake picture made by an X Box fanboy with too much time to waste to rile up playstation fanboys (just a thought). for me this is the same as GT5 i’ll beleive it when when i have it in my hands

  7. Their repeated talk of smartphone & gaming when asked about PSP2 makes me wonder if they’re essentially the same thing.

    We all know the AAA blockbuster style of the PSP failed to cut through to mainstream who are all to busy with a DS or smartphone.

    Seeing as the PS Phone’s form factor is almost identical to the PSPgo, perhaps the PSP2 will launch in 2 ‘flavours’ both with & without the phone like the iPhone and the iPod Touch sharing the same PSN Store????

    • I wonder this, the PSP just hasn’t done well, and so it would make sense for Sony to focus on the casual game market dominated by the DS and iPhone. I’m a hardcore gamer, and even I prefer playing the more casual portable games I can dip in and out of.

      • You just can’t have epic adventures on a bus or in a waiting room, the PSP is awesome with some awesome games but I’ve always had the opinion they’re better suited for when you’re sat on your sofa – and lets be honest you’re more likely to play your PS3 then.

  8. Those 2 silver dots on the “touchpad” look like analouge sticks

    • My guess is that’s it’s touchpad analogue ‘sticks’ I even wonder if the silver dots are press-able like the L3 & R3 buttons

  9. I hope they do both a PSP2 and a PSPhone. Looking forward seeing the new hardware in action.

  10. cool

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