Sony Earnings Call Talks PS Phone, PSP2 & Tablets

Earnings calls can go two ways. It’s either a long, irksome tirade of figures and back-slapping, interspersed by the sounds of gun-fire and a CFO demanding people “work harder, and smarter, you fools!”, or someone asks a question and someone else who probably should know better spills details they shouldn’t.


Sony’s latest financial round-table kind of fits somewhere in the middle.

Asked about the much rumoured PlayStation Phone (you know, the “fake” one*), a Sony representative (through a translator) went as far as stating, if one such device did exist of course, how it would come to market. It seems the PS Phone would be prototyped by the company’s recently restructured Network Services division. Hardly a “What are you talking about? PlayStation Phone? Are you insane?”

In other Sony news, the call also revealed that a Sony tablet looks to be on the horizon. And we’re not talking about the Dash (we hope). How imminent such a Sony slab would be is anyone’s guess, but they are looking into it. Badly translated quote time:

As for tablet, and this, too, we will not be able to tell you when and what kind of product. But obviously as a mobile strategy, this occupies a very important position. On one hand there is PC, and on the other hand there is the joint venture with Ericsson on smartphone and for the games devices. And tablets, some fall somewhere in between, and it is true Apple has led the market, but when we are to enter the market, we would like to put a Sony character onto the… a new product, and that is the effort we are making right now. Therefore I think you can hope for a very good product to come out.

Finally, yes, the PSP2 topic was also raised (barely), resulting in yet another weird, disjointed Japanese to English language abomination. They do appear to be linking PSP and “mobile” an awful lot, though, so it’s hard to tell if they’re actually talking about the PSP2 or more about the PlayStation Phone. Or both.

As for the new PSP product, as mentioned, I know that you are not asking me to tell you when we will be coming out with a new product, but there is a gaming market based on the cellphones, and there are many changes that are being seen with Nintendo, as well as ourselves, in the field of the product for the gamers. And there are smartphones and others or even cellphones gaming markets are very popular here in Japan. So the market itself is very… expanding.

Expanding markets. Ominous.

Source: Engadget

*Engadget also have new photos of the mythical PlayStation Phone. If you’re interested in looking at something that doesn’t exist.



  1. The PS Phone looks very bad.
    I think it needs a more unique and ‘PlayStation’ look to it.
    It currently looks like someone just slapped the PSP buttons on some Android knock-off.

    • well what do you expect for a prototype ! do you think that is going to be the final design, of course not… i can imagine what the psp looked like in it’s very first form

    • well what do you expect for a prototype ! do you think that is going to be the final design, of course not… i can imagine what the psp looked like in it’s very first form

    • I know that its a prototype but if it doesn’t add more buttons and the much second analog stick then what’s the use?

  2. Alot of info there! :P

  3. As for psp, Im happy with my psp S&L since i only use it for video, music and remote play

    mobile wise im on the old SE K800i, so i would be interested in a PSPhone if the pricing were reasonable

  4. psp phone pics can now be checked on engadget xD

  5. I think if psp2 and psp phone were the same thing, they would go iPhone/iPod touch style and release the phone one, and the separate version for cheaper. As I already have an iPhone contract I wouldn’t justify buying a psp2 that is a phone. When the psp came out it’s big thing was ps2 style graphics on a portable device, with what iPhone is achieving and what the 3DS looks set to do it makes me wonder what Sony could possibly have left to pull out the bag….

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