F1 2010 PS3 Patch Now Live

The wait is over.

Random blow-outs, supernatural AI and other niggling issues begone! The aforementioned update to F1 2010 submitted to Sony and Microsoft for approval has been given the green light and is available right now for Formula One fans to download. At least for the PS3. We’re still waiting on confirmation for the 360.

Do let us know if this resolves the well-documented gripes with the game in the comments below. Or not. We like to hear people wailing and breaking things over the internet.

Thanks Paul (and everyone else who sent this in)


  1. we all downloaded it last night at like 1am (random late night TSA meet) and the first race i think yogdog still got a puncture.

    • Yeah, which was crap.
      That was the only puncture any of us had i’n a few races though.

      • *hisses loudly in yogdog’s general direction*

      • *Hears noise* Has another puncture happened?

      • I think I’m gonna hide from you next time katy, your skill at spinning on f1 is far superior to my own!

      • Nobody can beat me at spinning. I’m the spinmeister. That’s why I’m called _DJ_ Katy. :P

  2. Who’s Paul? I sent this in too!

    But yeah, I haven’t had any puncture trouble so far, and the AI has improved.

    • There was meant to be a ;) there too :p

    • im paul :p forgot to put my tsa id in

  3. the ai seem less moronic, and the time trial is slightly more fun but still cant turn off the ghosts…

    • It’s Halloween! Why would you want to turn off the ghosts!?

  4. The invalidated lap bug in the last sector is gone. I spun just before the last corner and it lets me set a time on my next lap. Much better. Oh, and the Ferrari 3 in 1 cheap wheel now works in the game.

  5. ahhh, too late for me, traded it in yesterday @ Game, got 25 quid so I only payed a fiver for it!

  6. hope this fixes alot of problems

  7. Been waiting on this patch for ages. It’s fixed my corrupt save which is good.

  8. hmm i really want to try this game…

  9. Can someone verify if the leaderboards are working, because it now says “No Entries, None of your friends have entries in this leaderboard”. This is for the time trial and online Friends leaderboards, but the Global leaderboards are working fine. It was doing this earlier but I just thought a PS3 reboot would fix it but it is still the same. This has only occured since the update patch this morning. It is handy to keep an eye on peoples Time Trial times….not that I’m watching Manors anymore…different league!

    • I had a look at online & TT friends leaderboards after the meet (about 6:30pm) and it was fine then.

    • Leaderboards have been working fine for me all day.

    • Cheers guys, hopefully it will be online and working for me today, it was strange because it picked up the global times with my my TT time highlighted but nothing on the friends tab.

  10. In qualifying I noticed that when you came up to an AI car it moved off the racing line when not on a fast lap.
    Glad the TT ‘next lap void’ has been fixed, it was well annoying.

    • Yeah, the change to make AI stop trying to defend the racing line on their outlap is very much well received. I think the pitstop release is better now too.

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