TSA’s Top 100 of 2011 – #88 Final Fantasy Agito XIII

Patterns are beginning to emerge. A mere dozen titles in, and our list already has two fantasy RPGs from Poland, both main rival football games, and now this, our third Final Fantasy game to make the grade. Luckily for everyone, there are only a finite number of games from this unstoppable franchise that Square Enix can make in any one year, though you’d be forgiven to think they make nothing else.

Final Fantasy Agito XIII originally began as a mobile phone game, the Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII title proving exceedingly popular with keitai-obsessed Japanese kids, their rapacious desire for Final Fantasy to invade every aspect of their lives justifying the creation of another title in a similar vein. By August 2008, however, Square Enix had announced that Agito would launch exclusively on the PSP, the mobile phone version promptly discontinued.


A part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis: Final Fantasy XIII compilation, Agito shares similar themes and motifs found in sister titles Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII. The portable game has its own characters, world (named Orience) and back-story, however, with events centring around a school of magic called Peristerium. A dozen students of this arcane academy make up the cast, each sporting a different weapon from scythes to playing cards (see chap above). The plot is apparently mammoth, with staple Final Fantasy themes of industry versus nature and the totalitarianism of a military regime exerting a policy of hegemony over its neighbouring countries driving the action. One lone island nation, protected by a crystal, is suddenly thrown into disarray when the gem cracks, leaving the isle vulnerable to attack.

The combat system will be similar to Crisis Core’s but also incorporate a variation of the Active Time Battle mechanic found in other Final Fantasy games.

A Western release of Final Fantasy Agito XIII has yet to be confirmed at this time, though we are optimistic it will grace European shores at some point during 2011.



  1. Yep. Definitely looking forward to that one.

  2. It’s a shame they discontinued the phone version, when it was first announced I must admit I did think it was a tremendous waste of time but given that the iPhone has entirely re-invented mobile gaming, it might be a shot to the foot for Squeenixeidos !
    I’ll be sat here eagerly awaiting the version that replaces Agito with Versus !

    • It would be only for Japanese phones; they have a whole different industry going on there. If it would be a phone game we lot would simply never play it, that’s all.

      • I play on my phone more than my Ps3 !
        I want Agitoooooo !

      • *sigh* You surely didn’t understand anything i said above, did you? :(

  3. pretty cool!

  4. My PSP has been waiting for this and The 3rd Birthday for years.

  5. Look forward to some more news on this!

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