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October was all about change, we had the cold coming in, and the clocks going back on the 31st. So I thought I’d make a change too, I’ve decided to change the titling so it reflects the stats over the past month, rather than suggesting for the next month. I prefer it this way, and I hope you do to. Could be worse though, I could be claiming that it’s next months update, like certain game franchises do, namely Fifa 2011, hello, it’s 2010, and as far as I know, it reflects the 2010 season*.

Anyway, this month we’ve been slaving away again, but still not got our millionth month, we managed 725,797, down 180,000 from September. Will we reach time million milestone before 2011? We hope so, but maybe you need more convincing? Take a look at the competition update coming in the next day or so, we’ll have some good news for you in there.

Team Info


Again,we still didn’t reach the 1,000,000 point over the past 31 days, but we’ll get there, soon. Anyway, here’s what we did get during October.

This Month Last Month Change Score New Points Work Units
644 663 19 8,457,767 664,444 27,990

Looks like there’s a good chance we’ll break into the top 600 teams by next month.


Congratulations on Bunimomike on submitting his 1,000th work unit, you can read about his folding habits here.

A special congratulations goes to james_m2603 who managed to submit a WU closest to 10/10/10 10:10:10 with a time of 10/10/10 10:07:24.

Team Radar

Project Rank Team Name Points Ahead Overtake in
165 IGN-PS3 44,302,439 10.6 Years
195 Team Kotaku 36,863,846 10.3 Years
239 Team GameFAQs 25,691,400 4.2 Years
264 Apple Computer, Inc. 21,501,723 4.2 Years
289 ps3-hacks.com 17,680,049 3.0 Years
312 Gamespot @ Home 14,225,436 2.1 Years
316 PS3Folding.com 13,822,838 2.6 Years
368 Cheap Ass Gamers 9,148,483 1.6 Years
378 NVIDIA 8,530,412 1.8 Years
379 Microsoft 8,465,808 6.7 Years
411 IBM 6,826,078 1.3 Years
441 PS Forum EU 5,403,607 8.9 Months
461 Insomniac Games 4,360,083 7.3 Months
479 Joystiq 3,808,639 10.1 Months
493 ChicagoGamers 3,296,045 4.8 Months
525 PS3Gen 2,270,606 4.2 Months
570 Maryland PS3 Team 1,078,713 2.2 Months
610 ps3-secrets 424,973 3.7 Weeks
617 [email protected] 329,752 2.1 Weeks
637 [email protected] 41,810 3.0 Days

*Forgive me if I’m wrong, I don’t care for this football malarkey.

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  1. Am I definitely getting points submitted for TSA Folding group?

    • Yeah, I got you down as getting 1,652 points over the last month.

  2. I think we will be ranked below 600 by the end of the month, I’ll be folding like crazy when i’ve finished the computer i’m currently building.

  3. I’ll be folding much more often now, gotta do more work rather than games which should mean i can fold instead of gaming :)

  4. Any way to commit more of my Mac’s power towards Folding? I’m still basically a Mac novice so I don’t even know how much of my CPU power is being used, but if it’s possible i’d like to switch a bit more power onto Folding. Cheers for any help. :)

    • By the looks of it your MAC will be folding at as much as 100%, as there is no other way to have it running.

    • Jas-n is right, folding on the Mac always takes whatever free CPU you have all the time. So if you let it idle, it’ll be 100% :)

      • Ah excellent, cheers guys. :) 38% through my current WU, should be done by Friday at least.

  5. I actually hope to fold more on PS3 now due to college, so i’ll leave it on go college then when I’m Home its done.

  6. Slowly but surely!

  7. I’m the 28th top folder and 16th for the month? LOL I didn’t even realise my PCs were still folding :P Excellent.

    I love the new contribution percentage column. Keep that!

    • It was on there before AGES ago, I don’t know what happened to it, it’ll be staying.

  8. just scraped the top 50 for me lol

  9. Go TEAM!

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