Blood Drive Launch Trailer

A launch trailer for Activision’s new racer ‘Blood Drive’ has arrived and last time I posted a trailer for this game I was less than enthusiastic. I’ve changed my mind since then and feel rather sorry for the game as it’s coming out on November 19th, a few short days after Call Of Duty: Black Ops. Guess which game is getting all the press attention and adverts.

Poor Blood Drive seems to be receiving the same amount of support as Singularity, another Activision title that was released with little fanfare and sank without trace despite being rather good.


Everyone loves an underdog so let’s give Blood Drive a pat on the back and hope it does well. Any game that features “Zombiecide” and “Drop in multiplayer sickness” has to be worth a quick look at least.

Update: As our eagle eyed readers have noticed, Blood Drive has an RRP of £19.99. As my eagle eyes have noticed, neither Amazon or have any cover art. don’t even have a release date. Sort it out Activision!

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  1. Looks alright. Might pick it up if I see it going cheap.

  2. Singularity was good, all FPS fans should play it.

    I’m never sure of car combat games like Twisted Metal & this – oh, and that other heap of junk that was on the PSN a couple of months ago, they give a pretty poor driving experience and a pretty poor combat experience – why would marrying 2 poor experiences together make a good experience?

    • ummm…. don’t buy it then?

    • I love Twisted Metal and have been recently raving about Left4Dead so this looks wonderful. Count me in. :-)

      If it’s not for you, it’s not for you. However, your mentions of Singularity hit home each time and I’ll be picking it up on the PC when it comes down a snifter.

  3. I’ve got Singularity on PC but haven’t found time to play it…
    Activision did Interstate 76, which was a fantastic car combat game so there’s a chance that this might be worth a punt.

    • Well, if you play Singularity you can rewind time so that you will have time to play it.

    • You should play it; it’s surprisingly good.

      • SP that is, I never bother with the online

      • You should try it online.
        Asymmetrical multiplayer is the best! It’s like a shonky version of Left4Dead where it’s impossibly difficult to find a game, but it’s damn good fun.

  4. They should rename it “Burnout – Zombie edition”

    • Or “Dead Rising 2 – Car Edition” maybe?

    • Carmageddon – since it basically is

      • Yep, just digging out the CD-ROM as I type.

  5. Think i recall getting a mail from shopto saying that they were selling this for about £17 new – I had never heard of it before that, but the low release price has me a little dubious to say the least.
    Will probably get it if i hear good things though…

  6. My God…Acitvision not selling a game that’s $50+ USD? That should tell people how good/bad this will be.

  7. man, that’s 3 games I want coming out on the 19th! (NFS:HP, Apache:AA and now this!!)

  8. Ahhh man that looks epic! Who doesn’t like cars with guns and zombies! I hope it plays well. Probably will sink into obscurity and turn into a classic?

  9. It looks very like Carmageddon which is not a bad thing, that was a great game. I’m not sold on the graphics but graphics alone do not maketh a game so i’ll try to reserve judgement

    • Well worth a go to relive misspent youth. Wonder if they’ll go the Carmageddon route and release a human patch. Gonna be fun collecting trophies on this too.

  10. Looks bloody awesome and fun lol
    Great video
    I like it will keep an eye out for this.

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