Def Jam Rapstar Promo Is Balls

It’s Kinect launch day in the US and at least 87.45% of all internet traffic is about the new Microsoft control device. Other games are still being promoted but they need to feature something pretty special to get noticed today.

Step forward Def Jam Rapstar and your host for this advert, Hulk Hogan. Yes, I was a bit confused as well but Hogan seems to be having a whale of a time with the game, playing alongside his daughter Brooke.


What a lovely advert, a father and daughter enjoying some gaming family fun, smiling and laughing. Not what you would expect from a title featuring foul mouthed rappers.

Wait… Hulk did you just check out your own daughter’s ass as she does a booty shake? What are you doing now..?

No! Hogan! Put it away, put it away now!

Source: YouTube



  1. MY EYES!! ARRGHHH. Okay this must be the first kinnect game that doesn’t make you look like an idiot.

    • I didn’t think this was a Kinect game? It’s out on all formats isn’t it (well, PS3/Xbox)?

      • okay i stand corrected. That ad will put people off buying it.

  2. Isn’t that applyed towards Rap too? irony if so

  3. thats a pretty gd advert if u wanna buy rapstar & haven’t rapped before but showing his nutsac WTF!

  4. Mouth of the South, baby!

  5. wtf was mouth from the south holding looked like a wii steering wheel

  6. are the microphones really really tiny or is it just his massive hands making them look tiny?

  7. I have just sat at my desk crying with laughter into my hands, luckily none of my workmates noticed this time.
    Honestly, no exagerration, I was physically, literally crying with laughter.

  8. both ^

  9. What.The.Hell?

  10. Jimmy Hart lol….Hogans nuts lol

    Mental but excellent.

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