TSA F1 Championship: Round 4 Results

Following the claustrophobia of Monaco, the 4th week of the TSA F1 Championship headed to Istanbul (not Constantinople) which gave us a trio of intriguing races, the results and reports of which are now in.

Before we get started, here’s a quick reminder to get a time in for the Speed of Senna Time Trial competition which closes this coming Saturday afternoon.

Championship A

After having found a whopping 4 replacements and seen James, in for Spoof, breeze to a solid pole position, we got underway. As usual we had quite an eventful first corner with Yogdog and Manorhowze both spinning of their own accord and lose a few places. James, though, was already in a big lead, zooming off into the distance as we all endured a fairly sloppy lap of running wide and the occasional shunt into a corner.

The craziness continued on the second lap as the battle for 2nd, which at this point had 6 cars, exploded. Beelzie speared off after the first corner letting Teflon back past him, who proceeded to watch Reck46, Matty, Camdaz and Yogdog get in a big tangle. Yogdog skidded through some contact into the path of Matty who clipped his front and pinged round into Reck46, who could do nothing but slam straight into him, sending him airborne.

There were plenty more battles going on with Manorhowze spinning often, losing places which he then had to make up again, and AG2297 fending off attacks as his strategy took him long. Cam had pitted early, and then had to try and hold his tyres together as he slowly lost a couple of places from 2nd, first to Matty, and then to Heedbaw, who was in turn being caught by Beelzie. Nothing could match James’ flawless pace, though, as he took the win for Spoof with a huge 20 second gap.

The final standings were:

  1. Spooferbarnabas – 25 (points) (James_m2603 racing)
  2. Matty – 18
  3. Heedbaw – 15
  4. Cam the Man – 12
  5. Beelzie14 – 10
  6. Teflon – 8
  7. Manorhowze – 6
  8. Reck46 – 4
  9. Gazo69 – 2 (AG2297 racing)
  10. SpikeyMikey23 – 1 (Yogdog racing)
  11. Daywalker  – 0 (DNF) (JuiceK racing)
  12. Aerobes – 0 (DNF)

Championship B

The good news (or bad, if you’re trying to beat him into the finals) is that Jambo finally had a race that wasn’t affected by punctures! In fact, nobody really complained about punctures this week, thank heavens for that patch, eh? So the race kicked off with Jambo leading the way from Pole, and got off to a flyer.

Behind him, though, it was a slightly different matter. The first corner predictably had a few spins, but after that Ro6afc11 was seeming to be much faster than his surrounding competitors. He caught up to Freezebug pretty quickly but got it a little wrong and ended up in his botty. Thanks to his rather sporting attitude, he let him back past and inevitably also let a couple others through. Very nicely, at the final trio of corners, he also let AG back past having tried a move which again, hadn’t gone quite to plan.

Rob also had an issue with his pit stops, after someone had hit “Go to race” before everyone was truly ready, and so had to pit twice. Otherwise he might have placed much higher up the table. There were no issues for pitting with Jambo, though, as he pitted from the lead, and came out again in 2nd place, behind AshGraham on a longer strategy. Jambo reeled the gap right back down to 2 seconds when Ash pitted and so ended the race with a whopping 18 second lead to Ash in 2nd. Yogdog, racing for Gernboes, turned it around from the day before, and ended up in a very respectable 3rd place

The final standings were:

  1. JamboGT – 25
  2. AshGraham99 – 18
  3. Gernboes – 15 (Yogdog racing)
  4. Michi – 12
  5. Yersal – 10
  6. Josh653 – 8
  7. AG2297 – 6
  8. Ro6afc11– 4
  9. Freezebug2 – 2
  10. Charles Logan – 1
  11. DJKaty – 0
  12. Duncanuaz – 0

Championship C

At the end of qualifying it was Baxteros who had taken a dominant pole position with THLNetwork in 2nd and tonyyeb in 3rd. Going into turn 1 Baxteros and THL collided sending them to the back of the pack. Several other drivers came into contact including baconsarnie and Lfc-Gaz, who then had to make his pit stop early for new tires, effectively ending their chances of a high scoring finish. Icuyesido and Colin both capitalised on this collision and took 1st and 2nd place respectively.

After a close fight the rest of the lap Icuyesido caught his back wheel on the corner post at the final turn, causing him to spin out, giving Colin the lead. Colin held the lead until his pit stop on lap 4 where he dropped down several places due to a slow tire change by his Force India mechanics. THL then spun out on lap 6 and collided with Colin but despite the large accident, caused no damage.

Several great battles were taking place down the field as Baxteros started pulling out a large lead over the rest of the pack. Colin managed to get past DJ_Judas and Tonyyeb and took 2nd place. A collision between those two allowed THL to come through and snatch 3rd place. Baxteros showed his class and managed to extend his lead over Colin to 12 seconds by the end of the race with 3rd place THL sitting 21.6 seconds behind.

The final standings were:

  1. Baxteros – 25
  2. Colinbarr66 – 18
  3. Stingraz – 15 (THLNetwork racing)
  4. Tonyyeb – 12 (Inheriting Kamikaze’s spot forever!)
  5. Icuyesido – 10
  6. Squalje – 8
  7. SuperJag86 – 6
  8. DJ_Judas – 4
  9. baconsarnie – 2
  10. Lfc-Gaz – 1
  11. Sympozium_666 – 0
  12. Wick15 – 0 (DNQ)

Congratulations to James, Jambo and Baxteros on their wins (They should start a sports company together). For the current championship standings, check the F1 Championship thread in the forums.

The next race in the calendar was revealed last week as Montreal, Canada. A delightful pseudo-street circuit, with close walls and not much room for error. A few choice meetings with the Wall of Champions is sure to happen. The following week will then herald the beginning of the end with a trip to Valencia, Spain (The European GP). I know, I know, another street circuit! Though, whereas this is far from the most exciting race to watch on TV, it’s a decent and rather challenging track to get the most out of. So I guess you’d best get practicing, lest you wish to exit the race in the same way as Mark Webber.

Sadly, I couldn’t cover everyone’s story in this post, so tell us, how was that Championship race for you? Do you fancy your chances in Canada? Any predictions on the next winners? Let us know in the comments below.

Also don’t forget to enter a Speed of Senna Time!

This post was written and submitted by Teflon.



  1. Gracia’s my favourite race course!

  2. Argh, I want to forget about Istanbul. In the first lap I spinned and someone crashed into me with incredible speed, destroying one of my back tyres and my rear wing. My first pit stop was in lap 1, and I realised that the pit crew doesn’t change the rear wing. Why, Lord? So, I was in last place after lap 1 and had a broken rear wing for the entirety of the race. I made another pit stop in lap 5 or 6, to change tyres. At some point I passed Duncan.

    One or two laps before finish, someone lapped Katy. All I saw was that Katy’s car spinned while I was passing her. But I’m pretty sure that I didn’t touch her (car). At least not on my screen.

    Not satisfied with my result, but at least I managed to get points in every race so far. Yay me. >_< lol


    • They don’t change the rear wing because in F1 they don’t do it either. It takes far too long as it is an integral part of the car. Usually rear wing damage will mean a car being a lap or two down after replacement, or it will be retired from the race.

  3. Yeah, after Rob was plucked from the back end of the Red Bull I was driving, the race went a little downhill for both of us. As a compensation though the next two tracks are firm favourites of mine. Canada…awesome and Valencia, the best street circuit(if you want to call it that) ever, I love these two tracks and know them well…although that does not automatically equate to a good result, but it will be damn good fun trying. :)

  4. Was a good race for me and luckily without event except manorhowze tappimg me on the first corner but there was nothing doing there. Happy with my 20 second lead too ;)

    • In all the practice races we both started in the same position without contact but in the one race where it counts I just couldnt get it turned into the corner in time and slid into the side of you and spun putting me last. I’m just glad I didnt ruin your race as when I made contact I thought we had both spun out.

      That kinda set the tone of the race for me as I spun so many times in the end.

  5. I’m shocked at the lack of a comment from icu about how one of us put that post there that made him spin.

    • He’s busy studying video evidence at the moment according to his PSN avatar comment, so expect a court summons shortly. :0(

      • LOL, best get our lawyers ready then. It was a fun race and I love the fact that random punctures have been toned down.

  6. There was no way I could of held off matty as he had fresh option tyres and I was on worn out primes. I was a sufficient amount of time ahead of heedbaw to finish 3rd but spun at the very last corner.
    Good win James_m2603.

  7. More of this please :P

  8. Cant wait for sundays race. had to miss istanbul, a track im half decent at! gonna get some more montreal practice. Loving the valencia inclusion. Love the track, some great overtaking spots and a frantic turn 1!! its gonna be epic, i suggest everyone film themselves lol. There will be riots otherwise….

  9. wasn’t a bad race for me did better than expected managed to keep it on the track all the way through really other than the first 3 laps the rest of the race was boring really lol

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