Speed of Senna Time Trial Results

Last week we set you off on another of our Time Trials, though this one had a little special twist. You had to try and get your fastest possible time around Sao Paulo, Brazil on F1 2010, but if you didn’t consider yourself in the running for the top spot, you could aim for a bonus 250 points by trying to set a time as close to Bruno Senna’s eventual Qualifying time from the actual Brazilian GP. (What a peach that turned out to be!)

So, we had almost everyone sending in their results in the last day or two, and a huge influx in the last few hours. With the real life conditions being rather wet and treacherous, the several people aiming for the Senna points who waited for the end of Practice 3 or the beginning of Q1 had the best shot. So lets take at the closest 5 results:

  • SpikeyMikey23 – 1:20.379
  • Spooferbarnabas – 1:21.380
  • Matty1209 – 1:22.812
  • Tonyyeb – 1:22.883
  • Darth_Newdar – 1:32.488

Darth actually set his time a few days back, well before we had any base lines to work with, so overshot a fair bit, whilst Matty waited until the last couple of minutes to set his time and send it in. Though it was Tonyyeb who got closest to Senna’s 1:23.796, bizarrely the prize should actually go to Codies’ default ghost driver with 1:23.684. Shame he didn’t enter, he could’ve bagged himself some points!

So onto the top of the field where we saw another pretty close scrap. Not quite as close as last time, though, where Manorhowze beat Cam the Man by 1/1000th of a second. The top 3 this time were:

  1. Ashgraham – 1:05.897
  2. Manorhowze – 1:05.997
  3. DimJim94 – 1:06.201

Cam the Man couldn’t quite make it into the top 3, just shy by 9/100ths of a second to a TSA newcomer, DimJim94 (hi there!). At the front though, exactly 1/10th of a second separated Manorhowze to our new racing god, AshGraham!

So congratulations to Ash, he nabs himself a £5 gift voucher, whilst he and the rest of the top 3 get a small handful of TSA points each.

If you’re not already in it, make sure to keep tabs on the F1 TSA Championship, which is travelling to Montreal, Canada for the next three days. Results write ups are posted every Thursday.

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  1. Well done guys, and a warm welcome to new TSA driver DimJim, excellent lap times….no! bloody awesome lap times, all I could muster up was 1:08.4 that is if Tef recieved my email entry. We need more of these Time Trials, prizes are not essential because I can guarantee people would still enter without these rewards. Where next?

    • My first thought was: where’s freezebug on that list? Aha.

      • Haha, I think I expected a randomer to Ram me any second and it put me off…nooo, in truth I am not very fast due to being mediocre at racing games but that is my niche and I have loved them ever since GT1 so I’ll plug away and try me best.

  2. Have to agree about the qualifying in real life, the best session i’ve ever seen, williams getting pole by OVER a WHOLE second.
    congrats to the winners….. :)

    • Hulkenberg most likely went for a setting for qualifying while the title contenders would use a setting better for the race, which should be dry. Brilliant result for Willaims though.

  3. Wooo, I won! Hard luck to manor. He was fastest all week and the ghost I used to improve my lap. I knew a 1:05 was possible and when I broke it I packed it in. Not sure what happened to Jambo, I was sure he would beat me but I guess he ran out of time in the end.
    Dimjim happens to me brother so I am also ecstatic to beat him :-p.
    I also vote for more time trials with twists!

    • I agree with more time trials! something to do when get bored with the online bit!
      Ash get lost will ya for a bit. all you do is sit on that all day!

      • Always nice to see some brotherly love! :P
        Nah, well done guys, all of you!

    • So you’re the Michael to Jim’s Ralf, then? :P

      Fantastic time you put in, both of you.
      I just checked, cos I didn’t remember seeing one, but Jambo doesn’t seem to have sent me an entry!

      Next time round we might try the Swirl.

    • Well done Ash, I thought I had done enough with my time but when I checked the leaderboard you had pipped me.

      I did try and beat your ghost but I just couldnt keep up through the Senna S. I was just pleased to break into the 1:05’s in the end.

      • I managed to get ahead by the last hairpin but lost so much time from there to the end, well done to both of you!

    • I didn’t run out of time, just couldn’t beat you! Well done, I then started watching Qualie and forgot to send in my time so missed out on third :P

  4. hmm.. i’ve been seeing a lot of you guys playing this game is it fun? good game?

    • Yes, and yes, although frustration is a major factor at the start online. I played online earlier with randomers and won around 7 races in a row, simply by holding back and driving past spun wrecks…just a little patience needed, it did help that I knew the tracks well, and Monaco is my Dinner, I will win….with randomers anyway.

  5. I always wanted to be as fast as Senna… shame it is B. Senna and not A. Senna!

    • Get that man a fast car and you might not complain so much…

  6. i want more TT, had fun putting in laps and messing with set ups. i was using Jambos ghost for a while, and i found that i could beat him through turn 1 but after that he would blitz me on the straight, much time put into gaining that speed back! and i just couldnt get the right balance. I worked hard for my 1:08:—

  7. Well done Ashgraham for posting the best time, Manor for 2nd and also to DimJim94 for 3rd.

    Yesterday I was constantly in the 6.9s and thought that was the best I could do, so this afternoon I messed about with the setup and got straight into the 6.4s. Then with nearly each lap managed to shave a few 1/100ths or 1/1000ths off my time. I might have been able to go a bit faster but stopped to watch qualy, but doubt I would have got into the 1:05s.

  8. Nice driving Ash, Manor and dim. Very quick times.

    I used spoofers ghost for what I thought was a realistic benchmark for my ability. I beat him by 2/1000ths of a second but now I see why, he was going for the Senna time instead!

  9. My time (1.32) would have been closest to Senna if it had actually been raining… :)

  10. Can someone set up another F1 meet?

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