TSA’s Top 100 of 2011 – #70 Interstellar Marines

Some games make this list because, based on their creators’ pedigree, we hope they’re going to be awesome. Others appear because we have a thing for the genre and want a new contender to bedazzle us. Further titles, however, are simply here because a studio is trying something new – perhaps even daring – and we want to show our support. Admittedly, these are the more speculative titles of this compendium, and we freely recognise that the quality of the final product could really go either way.

Denmark’s Zero Point Software’s Interstellar Marines steadfastly qualifies as a candidate for this crazy final group.


It’s an audacious venture. Create a AAA sci-fi FPS with a generous dollop of RPG goodness without the backing of a publisher. Relying on donations and a business model you can read more about here, Zero Point are also fostering a strong community, dishing out self-contained chapters of their game – glimpses of the wider setting and works in progress basically – until the final push sometime next year.

Grounded in realism, Interstellar Marines [IM] posits what first contact with a sentient species would really be like in the distant future. In a world changed by rising sea-levels (the UK and Ireland are now subaquatic, the top of Mount Fuji the only part of Japan remaining above water), humankind are eager to venture forth into the stars in an effort to solve the growing resource and space issue, fulfilling man’s relentless desire to explore and mess up as many other planets as possible like he’s done his own. They had us at realism.

The best thing about IM is that you can get involved and sample some of the universe now. Of course, we don’t know how the final game will be received. After all, no publisher quite often equates to no exposure in this industry, but we want to see Zero Point succeed; if anything to prove that an independent developer is capable of competing with the big guns of gaming.

Interstellar Marines is currently PC-only, though the team at Zero Point do have aspirations of bringing the game to both the PS3 and Xbox 360 at some point in the near future. Check out some footage of the game below.



  1. Space Marines meh… Interstellar Marines yay!

    • Anything with the word ‘interstellar’ in it automatically gains 10 cool points!

    • What about “Interstellar Cancer”?

      The silent killer. In space, no one can hear your interstellar cancer.

      • wow that was dark! anyway i’m off to intersteller kill babies

      • Sorry. I’m having an exceptionally shitty day. Didn’t mean to belittle cancer. Cancer is not funny. Unless it’s a clown wi .. Sheesh. There I go again.

      • thats fine dude made me laugh . . . then feel bad

  2. Is that a ‘shark-dog’ in the video? Shark-dogs, didn’t know I wanted them in a game!

    • Shark dogs FTW

    • Anything with shark-dogs gets 10 cool points.

      Interstellar Shark-Dogs? Wow … we’re talking Johnny Depp singing acid jazz cool.

    • There is. In fact I’m one of the ‘Spearheads’ on the website; we payed for the game, in which the money helps fund the development of the game.

    • Care to share anything else about the game BIGAL? I have to admit to only knowing the bare necessities but in researching it for this article it definitely sounds right up my interstellar street™.

      Would love to know more.

      • I’ll tell in a bit. Bit busy at the moment. Work.

      • Ok, got a bit of time, so I’ll give a few bits of info;
        There IS a shark dog in the game, becuase it was the result of an experimant gone AWOL; you play along with three other team members(A.I or human controlled, I believe) and something with a mech that similar to a walking tank; as mentioned above, the game is completely grounded with realism in mind, for instance, when you sprint, your helmet move around instead of the camera and you can hear your character being out of breath after running; THAT video above was only allowed for public viewing recently, because of a dispute between the dev and the people behind the engine; there’s currently two demos on the site right now (a shooting gallery demo and a mode similar to a challenge room) and there’s plans for a multiplayer demo to be released soon.

      • Cheers AL, might boot into windows now & have a look.

      • I’d advise you use firefox to play the demos in full screen; doesn’t seem to work in Internet Explorer.

      • No Opera love? :(

  3. had an eye on this since someone behind the game went on gamespots uk podcast. really made an impression on me for some reason

    • That would be the Interstellar Shark-Dogs™. They impress everyone.

      Sheesh, I need to stop typing Interstellar Shark-Dogs™. In danger of creating a weird TSA-only meme.

      • Maybe this could get you going :-)


      • LOL! That’s made my day. I think we need a caption to have something to do with “cool points”, however.

        Interstellar Shark-dogs – cool points coming out their shark-dog anuses.

        Go, run with it. Unleash the shark-dogs on the internet!

      • hahahaha awesome. i think i just found my new background for the lap top

  4. lol when I saw the first few seconds I was thinking ‘meh…’ but them shark dogs! awesome!

    Really hope it comes out on PS3 now

  5. I thought Interstellar Marines involves Aliens o_0
    Damn that would be awesome just an Alien game.
    Shark Dogs lol they look funny if I see one coming at me, I’m going to say –
    “Smile you sone of a bitch”

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