TSA F1 Championship: Round 5 Results

As we reach the midpoint of the TSA F1 Championship, the 5th race finds us in North America at Montreal, Canada. As I predicted in last week’s results, there were several encounters with the Wall of Champions through a trio of enjoyable but very tough and eventful races.

For the overall standings, you’ll want to be heading to the F1 Championship thread in the forums. This weeks results follow below:

Championship A

A gloriously sunny Montreal greeted the 12 racers as we went out for Qualifying, and right off the bat, Beelzie was down in the 1:15 range, with others trying to match and surpass it. With near ideal conditions, though, it wasn’t long before it was bettered, and Spoofer took 1st with a 1:14.353, Manorhowze and Camdaz not quite able to string it together and beat him, a few tenths behind.

So we got going, and straight away we had carnage. Beelzie and Teflon both ran wide, as Camdaz tapped Manor’s rear left but ended up spinning himself out. Then as we all rounded the 2nd corner, SpikeyMikey got together with the tentative Teflon, who managed to recover the spin, but inevitably most of the field streamed past him. The first chicane had Gazo and James touching and spinning off, but Gazo’s car did a Webber on him, and careened first into DaywalkerLiam and then Teflon, who again managed to recover and carry on. So quite the eventful first lap!

It had started somewhat as it meant to carry on, and Matty met the Wall of Champions on the 2nd lap, before Teflon did too on the 3rd (The 3rd video in this post), James (in for Aerobes) pitted for a new front wing and SpikeyMikey had to do the same twice, whilst at the front Spooferbarnabas’s bottom was tapped into the last chicane by Camdaz, knocking him down the order. All of which let Manorhowze escape to a close win over Camdaz, who dogged him the entire way, but spun out at the final corner…again!


  1. Manorhowze – 25
  2. Camdaz – 18
  3. Beelzie14 – 15
  4. Heedbaw – 12
  5. Spooferbarnabas – 10
  6. Aerobes – 8 (James_m2603 racing)
  7. Reck46 – 6 (Freezebug racing)
  8. Daywalker – 4
  9. Gazo – 2
  10. SpikeyMikey – 1
  11. Teflon – 0 (DNF)
  12. Matty – 0 (DNF)

Championship B

Having put an absolute barn stormer of a time at the start of Qualifying, AshGraham comfortably sat himself on Pole with a 1:14.386, with JamboGT over a second behind, and nobody really able to better their early times as the rain started to fall.

Thankfully, the race day was nice and sunny and we got underway with only a couple minor scuffles at the first corner, with Gernboes spinning, and Cubsmug spinning wide and letting Teflon (née DJKaty) and Yogdog through. At the big hairpin Michi ran much too deep trying to get past Rob for 3rd, and ended up losing a pair of places, coming back on track on Yogdog’s tail (ha!). That particular squabble saw Michi and YD come together into the final chicane a lap later, with Michi escaping unharmed, but YD span out and unintentionally blocked Josh’s path.

At the front, Ash and Jambo were running with cunningly disguised tyres, which will hopefully be banned for the 2011 season, and both tried to out pit the other, ending up coming in on the same lap. Yogdog’s day got worse as he met the Wall of Champions on the 7th lap, letting Teflon sweep past. Jambo also lost his front wing at one point, making him pit a second time, and lost numerous places, having to fight back from 7th to gain a place from the spun out Michi, pull a textbook move on Freezebug, wait for Josh to pit (who then had a fight with Freezebug and won 5th) and then simply drive past the deteriorating driving of Teflon to get into 3rd. All the while, AshGraham led to win by 27 seconds, and Ro6afc11’s solid race earned him 2nd.

  1. AshGraham – 25
  2. Ro6afc11 – 18
  3. JamboGT – 15
  4. DJKaty – 12 (Teflon racing)
  5. Josh653 – 10
  6. Freezebug – 8
  7. Michi-Tomoko – 6
  8. CubsMug – 4
  9. AG2297 – 2
  10. yersal – 1
  11. Gernboes – 0
  12. Duncanuaz – 0 (DNF) (Yogdog racing)

Championship C

After a qualifying session in heavy rain which was plagued by people getting 5 place grid drops from pit lane speeding, the race got underway with Colin in the lead, and with Squalje stalling at the start. Colin quickly disappeared off into the distance after Icuyesido gently knocked Tonyyeb off the track, and AshGraham (in for DJ_Judas) and Lfc-Gaz were both clattered into. All of which caused a fair amount of disruption in the pack. Icuyesido paid the ultimate price for his transgression, as can be seen very clearly in this video clip.

Lap 2 had a few more happenings, as Squalje and Matty both came out of turn 4 messily, and Matty damaged his front wing in the process. Though he was able to fight back somewhat and had a long running battle with Wick15 for 5th over much of the race. The Wall of Champions nearly had another victim too as Baconsarnie got the final chicane wrong and ended up spinning out and losing position in what was a bad race for him.

At the front, though, AshGraham (in for DJ_Judas) recovered from a bad start and had a solid race, watching those in front of him spin out, getting himself up to 3rd by the time Colin and Baxteros pitted for their Primes. Ash, with SuperJag not far behind, were both on longer strategies. When it came time for them to pit, Ash was able to come out ahead of Colin, whilst Jag didn’t quite have the gap, and in the end could only manage a 4th place behind Tonyyeb and Colin. So it was AshGraham for the second race this week that won it.

  1. DJ_Judas – 25 (AshGraham racing)
  2. Colinbarr66 – 18
  3. Tonyyeb – 15
  4. SuperJag86 – 12
  5. Baxteros – 10
  6. Wick15 – 8
  7. Stingraz – 6 (Matty1209 racing)
  8. Baconsarnie – 4
  9. Sympozium_666 – 2
  10. Lfc-Gaz – 1
  11. Squalje – 0
  12. Icuyesido – 0 (DNF)

So congratulations to Manorhowze, AshGraham and AshGraham for their wins. The F1 Championship thread is, as mentioned above, the place to head if you want the current standings. As this season’s been progressing, the tech on hand has too and now several racers are uploading videos of the on track antics. This week’s post-race vents of frustrations start here and continue for a few pages, whilst the brand new repository for F1 2010 videos is here.

The next race in the calendar was revealed last week as Valencia, Spain. Yet another street circuit, and a favourite of several players here at TSA. The dusty track definitely has plenty challenging corners and chicanes, linked together by a few long straights, and one heck of a slingshot at the end that packs a lot of pace if you can get it right. The following week will then herald the beginning of the end with a trip to Silverstone, England; a track that poses quite a few major challenges to the driver, and one that I’m personally dreading (I suck at it).

Sadly, I couldn’t cover everyone’s story in this post, and I don’t half like talking about my own and fake-DJKaty’s amazing exploits. So tell us, how was that Championship race for you? Do you fancy your chances in Valencia? Any predictions on the next winners? Let us know in the comments below.

Also as Z day approaches, you should really be keeping tabs on the Community, Competitions and Meets sections of the site, as well as following @thesixthaxis and @TSACom on twitter for more good times.

This post was written and submitted by Teflon.



  1. My car did a Webber 10 times over =) Enjoyed the race, and yes I did finish! This is the first one I have finished without anyone racing for me, I’m so proud :)

  2. Rain was a bit chaotic it was fun though

  3. Jambo’s overtake on me was indeed spectacular and a joy to witness. Valencia for next week is a track that I really am looking forward to a decent result, I tend to win there with randoms and get second place with TSA’ians. Silverstone the week after is a bit marmitey, love the track but hate one particular chicane.

  4. Was good fun, kinda cool that i got the fastest qualy out of all championships just a shame i couldn’t convert it in the race. Valencia is fun, but i really sucks at silverstone at the moment :)

    • Soz for the tap at the chicane, I stayed right and turned as tight as I could when alongside but couldn’t see where you were.
      That’s the only fault with using the ‘roll hoop’ camera, with no mirrors there’s two big blind spots and you don’t always have time to look around.

      • I’ve just watched Tef’s vid and I’ve got mixed up with the practise race beforehand. I wasn’t tapped from behind I just braked hard to avoid going into the back of Spoof and locked up, soz Manor, we did have a good battle for the last few laps.
        I’m hoping not to get a hat-trick of final corner spins at Valencia.

      • no problem dude, that chicane is horrible to overtake through, it’s always ends up badly. And i know what you mean about that angle, i didn’t have the time to look behind me so i just treated the corner normally not knowing you were trying to get through down the inside :)

  5. I think it was my best race yet!

  6. Good result for me but harsh on spoof as he had a good lead until his incidents. Apart from my spin on lap 2 at the chicane I managed to keep it on track for the rest of the race (I think) and had to put up with several laps of pressure from cam and nearly lost it myself at the last chicane on the last lap, ran a bit deep and knew my exit was compromised looked behind me to see where cam was but he had spun it. Very good race this time round and I had a few good scraps with people.

    After watching some of the videos cam must have had an interesting race. I saw someone nudge me in turn 1 but I only ever saw the front wheel from my view but seeing it from tefs view I could see that it was cam and that it had caused him to spin and then he got thrown into the air. Great idea to put all the vids in one thread.

    Looking forward to racing in front of the British fans at Silverstone, I’m hoping for a dry race as a wet Silverstone is always chaos.

    • At the first corner I was nudged from behind as I braked hard to avoid going into the back of Spoof (I think). I was just glad that all my wings and wheels were still present when I landed.

      • The comment I posted at 22:44 above, under Spooof’s, should have been put here.
        Trying to watch the vids and post at the same time, if only us males could multi task!

      • No worries mate, I didnt lose any time and its always tricky into the 1st corner at any race.

  7. Well done to all podiums, it’s definitely heating up now. No predictions, but I’d love to be able to spectate the last 3 race with top 3 from each championship.
    I had what looks like the usual now, average 1st qualifying lap on primes, mess up flying lap on options, then slowly make up places due to incidents or pit strategy. Had a fair bit of pressure as spoof came out from his stop behind me, but he ended up breaking before I did. Then when I eventually pitted I ran my pit guy over, and was in for 13 seconds. Then buried car in wall on last lap hunting down beelzie, luckily only lost my wing.
    Looking forward to Valencia as some of the practice races have been hilarious, though people do seem to be more brain out during those, but dreading Silverstone. Those two tight corners toward the end where it feeds back onto old circuit are brutal, always get sucked in too deep.

  8. My story (the real DJ Katy’s story) is that I was too busy shagging a hot blonde girl to be bothered to play.

    And you can’t say fairer than that *shuffles in her chair*

    • Haha, fair play, then.
      Well it’s always fun to pretend to be you for brief periods of time.

    • That’s the best sickie excuse yet, shag exhaustion FTW. And Tef was a fine stand in as a leggy blond.

      • Leggy, yes, blond, not so much…
        Still I did quite enjoy writing “Teflon (née DJKaty)”…

    • sounds much more fun that F1!!!!

  9. Well my challenge for third place maybe over thanks to the next two races. I’m pants at both of them!

    • Wouldn’t count yourself out just yet… 5 races to go and anything can happen, as ably demonstrate by the real F1 championship.

      Anyway, people might be quite good at Valencia, but Silverstone is a right piece of work…

  10. F*** F**kety F*** F*** F***, i cant race in valencia (my fav track!) im working from 2 til 10. Ive popped a post in the forum for a reserve! Gutted. Can race silverstone though!

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