Kaz Is Still Crazy About Those Skylines

With the announcement of the ACTUAL FINAL release date, the folks over at the PlayStation Blog have posted GT5’s car list (1,031 according to EuroGamer) and the track list (posted earlier on TSA).

And in those cars a shed load of Nissan Skylines, let’s count them together.

  1. SKYLINE 1500Deluxe (S50D-1) ’63 (S),
  2. SKYLINE 2000GT-B (S54A) ’67 (S),
  3. SKYLINE 2000GT-R (KPGC110) ’73 (S),
  4. SKYLINE Coupe 350GT ’03 (S),
  5. SKYLINE Coupe 370GT Type SP ’07 (P),
  6. SKYLINE GT-R (R32) ’89 (S),
  7. SKYLINE GT-R (R32) ’91 (S),
  8. SKYLINE GT-R (R33) ’95 (S),
  9. SKYLINE GT-R (R33) ’96 (S),
  10. SKYLINE GT-R (R33) ’97 (S),
  11. SKYLINE GT-R (R34) ’99 (S),
  12. SKYLINE GT-R (R34) ’00 (S),
  13. SKYLINE GT-R M·spec (R34) ’01 (S),
  14. SKYLINE GT-R M·spec Nür (R34) ’02 (S),
  15. SKYLINE GT-R N1 (R32) ’91 (S),
  16. SKYLINE GT-R N1 (R33) ’95 (S),
  17. SKYLINE GT-R Special Color Midnight Purple II (R34) ’99 (S),
  18. SKYLINE GT-R Special Color Midnight Purple III (R34) ’00 (S),
  19. SKYLINE GT-R V·spec (R32) ’93 (S),
  20. SKYLINE GT-R V·spec (R33) ’95 (S),
  21. SKYLINE GT-R V·spec (R33) ’96 (S),
  22. SKYLINE GT-R V·spec (R33) ’97 (P/S),
  23. SKYLINE GT-R V·spec (R34) ’99 (S),
  24. SKYLINE GT-R V·spec II (R32) ’94 (P/S),
  25. SKYLINE GT-R V·spec II (R34) ’00 (S),
  26. SKYLINE GT-R V·spec II N1 (R34) ’00 (S),
  27. SKYLINE GT-R V·spec II Nür (R34) ’02 (P/S),
  28. SKYLINE GT-R V·spec LM Limited (R33) ’96 (S),
  29. SKYLINE GT-R V·spec N1 (R32) ’93 (S),
  30. SKYLINE GT-R V·spec N1 (R34) ’99 (S),
  31. SKYLINE GTS25 Type S (R32) ’91 (S),
  32. SKYLINE GTS-R (R31) ’87 (S),
  33. SKYLINE GTS-t Type M (R32) ’89 (S),
  34. SKYLINE GTS-t Type M (R32) ’91 (S),
  35. SKYLINE Hard Top 2000 RS-X Turbo C (R30) ’84 (S),
  36. SKYLINE Hard Top 2000 Turbo RS (R30) ’83 (S),
  37. SKYLINE Hard Top 2000GT-R (KPGC10) ’70 (S),
  38. SKYLINE Sedan 300GT ’01 (S),
  39. SKYLINE Sedan 350GT Type SP ’06 (P),
  40. SKYLINE Sedan 350GT-8 ’02 (S),
  41. SKYLINE Sport Coupe (BLRA-3) ’62 (S)
  42. Yup, 41 Nissan Skylines (note these are only Nissan, and none of the tuning ones) quite a list, just annoys me a little at the amount, I’d of preferred less skylines and maybe more premium cars…

    Anyway, more counting (this time tuned cars)

  43. WOODONE ADVAN Clarion GT-R (SUPER GT) ’08 (P),
  44. XANAVI HIROTO GT-R (JGTC) ’01 (S),
  45. XANAVI NISMO GT-R (JGTC) ’03 (S),
  47. YellowHat YMS TOMICA GT-R (SUPER GT) ’08 (P)
  48. GT-R LM Road Going Version ’95 (S),
  49. Skyline GT-R R-tune (R34) ’99 (S),
  50. Skyline GT-R S-tune (R32) ’00 (S),
  51. Carbon R (R34) ’04 (S),
  52. DUNLOP ER34 SKYLINE (D1GP) ’07 (P),
  53. BNR34 SKYLINE GT-R N1 base ’06 (P),
  54. BNR34 SKYLINE GT-R V?spec N1 base ’00 (S)
  55. Oooops, seems I missed some, more counting…

  56. Calsonic IMPUL GT-R (SUPER GT) ’08 (P),
  58. CALSONIC SKYLINE GT-R Race Car ’93 (S)
  59. FALKEN?GT-R Race Car ’04 (S),
  61. GRAN TURISMO SKYLINE GT-R (PaceCar) ’01 (S),
  62. GT-R ’07 (P),
  63. GT-R Black Mask ’07 (P),
  64. GT-R Concept (Tokyo Motor Show 2001) ’01 (S),
  65. GT-R Concept LM Race Car (S),
  66. GT-R Proto ’05 (P),
  67. GT-R SpecV ’09 (P/S),
  68. GT-R SpecV (GT Academy Version) ’09 (P),
  69. LOCTITE ZEXEL GT-R (JGTC) ’00 (S),
  71. PENNZOIL Nismo GT-R (JGTC) ’99 (S),

(P) – Premium = 13
(S) – Standard = 53
(P/S) – Half and half? = 4.

And there we have it, 70 variations of basically 1 car, some only differ in year number, but still 70!!!!

Via PSBlog(EU)

Thanks to Blayney for spotting we missed some.



  1. That number of 1031, seems a lot smaller now.

    • Especially since there also seems to be quite a few cars missing, like the obvious Porsche, while RUF replace it, the latest model it a 2000.
      The Lamborghini Revonton is missing, Audi S5, VW Scirocco, B7 Audi S4/A4 (05-07), Ferrari F50, Mazdaspeed 3, etc. just to name a few.

      I’m actually underwhelmed by this list and the fact that they couldn’t do a simple cockpit view for each car. Also, apparently weather effects won’t be available for every track?

      I’m expecting updates and DLC galore….

    • err, even if the game had zero skylines, it would still have 961!?!?! hardly feels smaller.lol

  2. heh, why am I not surprised? :P

  3. Well, I like Skylines ;) favourite car in previous GT’s

    • So do I but that’s a bit extreme. Would have preferred more variety.

    • Who wouldn’t like Skylines although i would have preferred that there would have been a Skyline 2000GT-R ’71 in the mix

  4. Bored much?

  5. I also like Skylines, but there’s to many. Then again, there has always been a lot of Skylines in Gran Turismo games.

  6. Although not called a skyline, you don’t have the R35 “GTR” the very latest (bar two racing ones), of which there are many of them as well.

    GT-R ’07
    GT-R Black Mask ’07
    GT-R Concept (Tokyo Motor Show 2001) ’01
    GT-R Concept LM Race Car
    GT-R Proto ’05
    GT-R SpecV ’09
    GT-R SpecV (GT Academy Version) ’09

    or the gran turismo one


    or the falken one

    FALKEN☆GT-R Race Car ’04

    or some more nismo

    400R ’96

    there might be more hiding in there somewhere. but that brings current total to…


    There are quite a lot of differences between the R32,33,34 and especially the 35. and obviously the race ones.

    it is overkill though.

    Don’t get me started on the amount of S2000, RX7, Supras and MX-5’s though!

    There’s probably about 600 distinct cars. 400 of which are from gt4.

    Still, gonna be agreat game!

    • Oooops, I’ll get someone to add to the list

    • Updated :)

      • I have to disagree this. The GTR is a completely new car built from the ground up. The name is purely to carry the legend. It’s no more a skyline than a micra.

      • Whilst that may be true, the Styling is very Skyline-ish, and that’s the point.

      • It seems to me that, as far as Nissan seem concerned, they consider it a Skyline in all but name – it carries the chassis reference R35, as a continuation of the Skylines with R32, 33 and 34, it’s got all-wheel drive and twin turbo, 6 cylinder engine. Seems an awful lot closer to a Skyline to a Micra.

      • That’s fair enough 3shirts, but a lot of the previous skylines were completely different to. Same as the current fiesta is completely different from the first, still a fiesta though. Don’t you think?

        I see your point though.

        Also – woo first bit of thanks on TSA, I feel special :D

      • Ok, maybe the micra bit was silly but the fiesta comparison is more so, the GTR is not a Skyline. Yes it is the new spiritual successor to the GTR spec of the Skyline range but the Skyline brand has changed and is now used for new cars, sedans and coupes, as seen in the list ’07 and newer.
        All I’m saying is it is unfair to produce a list of Skylines and include R35 GTRs in it just because you make the judgement call that they are similar enough

      • It’s like the Panoz versions et al. It’s doubtful they still have the original Nissan engines, but they still carry on with the Skyline “Spirit”, which is basically what I mean, in some way, all the listed cars are related, even if it’s simply Spiritual.

      • Again I see what you’re saying, and infact on many levels agree with you, but the R35 is still godzilla to me.

        What none of this changes is the fact that there are a lot of R32/3/4/5’s in the game, along with MX-5/Miata/Eunos/Roadster, S2000’s, NSX, RX-7, Lancer, Impreza etc.

        And I STILL can’t wait for the game :D

  7. Turns out there’s only 3 cars in GT5 but then when you multiply it by the tweaks, registration year & colour you get over a 1,000 …. ooh look that one’s got a fractionally different exhaust :|


    • Reminds me of the way you could argue that SotC only has about 10 bosses if you exclude the re-skins.

  8. GT wouldn’t be the same without a few Skylines would it? Even so I think there is a little favouritism on show here!

  9. cant wait to try out 1 or 30 of them there skylines!

  10. i saw the film skyline yesterday, that was pretty cool.

    • Wonder if he gets a free Skyline of Nissan for that much devotion

    • looks fantastic!

    • It’s got an average user score of 2.4 on Metacritic. I’m all for forming my own opinion, but something’s wrong here.

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