Kaz Is Still Crazy About Those Skylines

With the announcement of the ACTUAL FINAL release date, the folks over at the PlayStation Blog have posted GT5’s car list (1,031 according to EuroGamer) and the track list (posted earlier on TSA).

And in those cars a shed load of Nissan Skylines, let’s count them together.

  1. SKYLINE 1500Deluxe (S50D-1) ’63 (S),
  2. SKYLINE 2000GT-B (S54A) ’67 (S),
  3. SKYLINE 2000GT-R (KPGC110) ’73 (S),
  4. SKYLINE Coupe 350GT ’03 (S),
  5. SKYLINE Coupe 370GT Type SP ’07 (P),
  6. SKYLINE GT-R (R32) ’89 (S),
  7. SKYLINE GT-R (R32) ’91 (S),
  8. SKYLINE GT-R (R33) ’95 (S),
  9. SKYLINE GT-R (R33) ’96 (S),
  10. SKYLINE GT-R (R33) ’97 (S),
  11. SKYLINE GT-R (R34) ’99 (S),
  12. SKYLINE GT-R (R34) ’00 (S),
  13. SKYLINE GT-R M·spec (R34) ’01 (S),
  14. SKYLINE GT-R M·spec Nür (R34) ’02 (S),
  15. SKYLINE GT-R N1 (R32) ’91 (S),
  16. SKYLINE GT-R N1 (R33) ’95 (S),
  17. SKYLINE GT-R Special Color Midnight Purple II (R34) ’99 (S),
  18. SKYLINE GT-R Special Color Midnight Purple III (R34) ’00 (S),
  19. SKYLINE GT-R V·spec (R32) ’93 (S),
  20. SKYLINE GT-R V·spec (R33) ’95 (S),
  21. SKYLINE GT-R V·spec (R33) ’96 (S),
  22. SKYLINE GT-R V·spec (R33) ’97 (P/S),
  23. SKYLINE GT-R V·spec (R34) ’99 (S),
  24. SKYLINE GT-R V·spec II (R32) ’94 (P/S),
  25. SKYLINE GT-R V·spec II (R34) ’00 (S),
  26. SKYLINE GT-R V·spec II N1 (R34) ’00 (S),
  27. SKYLINE GT-R V·spec II Nür (R34) ’02 (P/S),
  28. SKYLINE GT-R V·spec LM Limited (R33) ’96 (S),
  29. SKYLINE GT-R V·spec N1 (R32) ’93 (S),
  30. SKYLINE GT-R V·spec N1 (R34) ’99 (S),
  31. SKYLINE GTS25 Type S (R32) ’91 (S),
  32. SKYLINE GTS-R (R31) ’87 (S),
  33. SKYLINE GTS-t Type M (R32) ’89 (S),
  34. SKYLINE GTS-t Type M (R32) ’91 (S),
  35. SKYLINE Hard Top 2000 RS-X Turbo C (R30) ’84 (S),
  36. SKYLINE Hard Top 2000 Turbo RS (R30) ’83 (S),
  37. SKYLINE Hard Top 2000GT-R (KPGC10) ’70 (S),
  38. SKYLINE Sedan 300GT ’01 (S),
  39. SKYLINE Sedan 350GT Type SP ’06 (P),
  40. SKYLINE Sedan 350GT-8 ’02 (S),
  41. SKYLINE Sport Coupe (BLRA-3) ’62 (S)
  42. Yup, 41 Nissan Skylines (note these are only Nissan, and none of the tuning ones) quite a list, just annoys me a little at the amount, I’d of preferred less skylines and maybe more premium cars…

    Anyway, more counting (this time tuned cars)

  43. WOODONE ADVAN Clarion GT-R (SUPER GT) ’08 (P),
  44. XANAVI HIROTO GT-R (JGTC) ’01 (S),
  45. XANAVI NISMO GT-R (JGTC) ’03 (S),
  47. YellowHat YMS TOMICA GT-R (SUPER GT) ’08 (P)
  48. GT-R LM Road Going Version ’95 (S),
  49. Skyline GT-R R-tune (R34) ’99 (S),
  50. Skyline GT-R S-tune (R32) ’00 (S),
  51. Carbon R (R34) ’04 (S),
  52. DUNLOP ER34 SKYLINE (D1GP) ’07 (P),
  53. BNR34 SKYLINE GT-R N1 base ’06 (P),
  54. BNR34 SKYLINE GT-R V?spec N1 base ’00 (S)
  55. Oooops, seems I missed some, more counting…

  56. Calsonic IMPUL GT-R (SUPER GT) ’08 (P),
  58. CALSONIC SKYLINE GT-R Race Car ’93 (S)
  59. FALKEN?GT-R Race Car ’04 (S),
  61. GRAN TURISMO SKYLINE GT-R (PaceCar) ’01 (S),
  62. GT-R ’07 (P),
  63. GT-R Black Mask ’07 (P),
  64. GT-R Concept (Tokyo Motor Show 2001) ’01 (S),
  65. GT-R Concept LM Race Car (S),
  66. GT-R Proto ’05 (P),
  67. GT-R SpecV ’09 (P/S),
  68. GT-R SpecV (GT Academy Version) ’09 (P),
  69. LOCTITE ZEXEL GT-R (JGTC) ’00 (S),
  71. PENNZOIL Nismo GT-R (JGTC) ’99 (S),

(P) – Premium = 13
(S) – Standard = 53
(P/S) – Half and half? = 4.

And there we have it, 70 variations of basically 1 car, some only differ in year number, but still 70!!!!

Via PSBlog(EU)

Thanks to Blayney for spotting we missed some.



  1. That does seem a tad excessive, but I don’t care really. I am however disappointed with the track list, it seems half of GT4’s list is missing, with only a few new ones added to compensate. Still, it’s the quality that counts. Can’t wait to get this.

    • Just wait till you see how many Ford Escorts are in it…

      • ONE! Bloody hell Kaz, sort it out. Still, Japanese cars are where his interest lies. Me thinks they should have different teams dotted around the world, developing local cars of interest and importance. We’d end up with a far more diverse list that way. I mean flippin heck, they don’t even have the original Mini, that is of huge significance.

  2. Why the hell are there so many Skylines??

  3. :O No Koenigseggs? but the CCX was the fastest car in the world at one point.
    I also would of liked to have seen those old 1888 Mercs, the oldest car on the list is from 1942.

    • I really wanted the CCX-r with it’s 1018bhp! Never mind though, at least we get the Veyron

      • And we get 2 SLR McLarens, 1 being the 19″ Wheel option. Yay*
        Although that being said the 19″ wheel option is premium.

        * = Sarcasm

  4. 1000 / 70 equals about 14 different cars. Yay! :P

  5. the remaining 930 cars are all honda nsx’s.

  6. Needs more British marques… more Ginetta, Darrian, Ascari, Noble, Bristol (Bristol Fighter TT would’ve been epic)…

  7. Would have like radical in there they’re fast as [email protected]@k!!

  8. Just thought to check and there are NO reasonably priced cars! No Liana, Lacetti or Cee’d :(

  9. Good point about being cars of significance from around the world, I mean we all like a Skyline or 5, I always wanted one in the mid 90s, but not having some of the classics from this side of the world is disappointing, but I suppose having an unlimited amount of essentially the same thing, but with stats tweaks means its a lot less design work needed – but seeing this list you have to wonder what the hell has happened since Prologue came out, there’s key circuits missing, half the cars just being the same thing but from a different year or with a tweak you can’t see what have they been doing?

    I’m no GT5 fanboy but it looks like the 1,034 is there purely so fanboys can wave their e-penis around.

    A bunch of circuits missing
    The course designer is really just an automated generator where you can only change the weather & stuff
    Way more than half the cars are just variations of the same thing or a performance tweak

    Bring on GT6, perhaps that will be the one with the content

    No Liana, Cee’d or Lacetti is officialy a fecking joke, sorry but it is – whats the point in bragging about having the Top Gear test track if you can’t pit yourself against JK, Cowell & Richard Whitely.

    • That’s the point I made in the forum, if you have the top gear track and the Stig, why not the reasonably priced cars, not I have to make some up, which is a bit crap.
      As I said above with the SLR McLarens… stupid.

      • Perhaps the new series of Top Gear will feature a new reasonably priced car, one that is in the game? Just a thought…

      • Nope, not seeing as the Cee’d is less than a tear old, they usually last 3 years/6 series’

      • Maybe, but given the length of the previous leaderboards and all the celebs that people may want to beat, they’ve certainly missed an open goal

        Or perhaps they’ll be premium DLC… just a thought

      • Either way, it is a huge missed opportunity on both parts. I wanted to put myself up against the celebs, and Sony/PD could have marketed the hell out of it. When will they learn?

  10. Won’t there be hidden track and cars? I never saw the GT4 official car list but there hidden cars, maybe this is the case for this

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