APB to Return in 2011 as Free-to-Play Title

Dead on arrival PC MMO caper All Points Bulletin (APB) will return next year sporting a new Free-to-Play model. Rising Phoenix-like after its well-publicised meltdown this year, the game has been bought by K2 Network, the Californian based game servicing company who specialise in bringing Asian MMOs to Western markets.


Bjorn Book-Larsson, CTO and COO of GamersFirst, the public-facing company K2 Network supports, spoke to IGN about the game’s Lazarus-esque return, claiming it will resurface as a “true free-to-play game in 2011.”

Developed by Realtime Worlds, APB allegedly cost $100 million to make. After scathing reviews and a lacklustre uptake, its servers shut down after a paltry three months of operation. Staff were promptly let go, leading to one of the industry’s biggest ever failures. It has been suggested that the $1.5 million paid by K2 Network for the title will mean ex-Realtime World staff, some of whom lost out on a pay cheque when the game imploded, will now get paid for their hard, if somewhat under-appreciated, work.

Source: IGN



  1. Oh, the joys of buying a bankrupt company for bottom price and not being saddled with the costs of having to make it work in other ways…

    Kind of like the joys of watching a football club fail and then hovering around like vultures to buy it back for next to nothing therefore meaning the profit goes in your pocket not in paying off unaffordable debts.

    At least gamers will get to sample it now, I enjoyed the beta hopefully the staff get what they deserve but also hope the project managers who failed to get a grip get what they deserve.

  2. I found the beta to be excessively buggy and not especially fun. It was a nice idea though, kinda like lots of people play single player GTA but in the same world, and with some being the cops.

  3. I know APB had alot of problems but I didn’t think it would go free to play especially this quickly.

    • but who’s going to pay a sub for a game that closed down after three months the first time it launched?

      at least this way all that development time and money isn’t wasted, and you get people playing for free, and some of them will buy content for the game, the big question is can they make enough money from these microtransactions to keep the game running?

  4. Thats a harsh story, will check it out when its back :)

  5. I was in the beta for some time leading up to the release, and while it was often extremely frustrating trying to shoot a player holding a gun with pinpoint accuracy, bullets with stopping power like small nuclear missiles and a firing rate like a swarm of angry wasps, it still had some potential, especially when playing with a friend. APB did some things very well, like the customisation and social features, but failed in mission variety and controls, among other things.

  6. Picked up some real bargains in the auction of the contents of their offices last week. Game had a fantastic customization kit, pity the game was awful. Sold the avatar creation software on though, hopefully we’ll see it in RPG’s of the future.

  7. that game looked pretty good! hopefully it is free!

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