GT5 Gets Two Day European Delay

Looks like the magical release date of November 24th might only apply to the UK and the US, as the Dutch and French PlayStation sites now display a date of November 26th, and it’s the same across mainland Europe.

The UK date remains unaffected at present, displaying the original date of the 24th.


We’ve pinged Sony for an official comment, as we know lots of people had the day booked off in anticipation of the big event, if we get anything back we’ll update this post either way for confirmation.

A mid-week release date is rare, especially in the UK, so we’re half expecting our localised date to slip too, although a last minute delay of just two days is hardly going to ruin everyone’s week, right?

[Update] Is the date changing at all? According to Kotaku, Sony are claiming “We’ve announced the date as the 24th and have not changed that at all.” Let’s just say: “Gran Turismo will be out before December,” and leave it at that. [Thanks Timur]

Via N4G (with links to other PlayStation sites) and M2G.



  1. I’ve had it preordered for ages and when the 24th date was announced I wasnt too happy as I’m away all next week so wouldnt have been able to get my paws on it anyway – heres hoping for no (or at least) further slips.

  2. What the truck is this? I can probably wait two more days, yes, but still annoying, and why only for Europe? This is getting so old…

    • The official norwegian Playstation site still says 24th… I hope we get a confirmation from Sony soon, to clear things up.

  3. Sucks to be Europe, but nt bothered, was surprised it was’nt originally a Friday release, PAYDAY :D But whatever happens, happens, get over it ;) 2 days is no big deal

  4. I’ll be annoyed if it’s not Wednesday because I’ve got the day booked off ready for it – and have the big daddy version pre-ordered with all the extra cars.

    Note, when I say “annoyed” I mean acceptable levels of annoyed, not “f*cking Sony, Im gonna f*cking sell my f*cking PS3 and buy a 360” levels that you see people say (and never do). ;o)

  5. Noooo, europe should not be treated like this! It is the main buyer for this game why should they suffer, i can wait two more days but after that i don’t think i can tbh.

  6. It’s not the fact that it’s only 2 days, it’s the fact that its delayed again. Who’s to say it wont get delayed again and again and again? With the track record so far it could well be! I wouldn’t be surprised if just before release they said Jan 2011.

  7. Man why are people getting in such a state over this? It’s hardly confirmed.

    If it is confirmed, then have a tantrum over two more days.

  8. Am I the only PS3 owner on this site that hasn’t bought COD:BO and won’t be buying GT5?
    For me COD:BO is just more of the same after COD:MW2 and the GT series for has become far too sterile to be fun (the first two were great).

  9. I wonder if this has anything to do with the ps3 jailbreak thingy being backbone the scene

    • no then they would have delayed it for US too.

  10. Have Sony come up with an excuse for the delay?

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