GT5 Gets Two Day European Delay

Looks like the magical release date of November 24th might only apply to the UK and the US, as the Dutch and French PlayStation sites now display a date of November 26th, and it’s the same across mainland Europe.

The UK date remains unaffected at present, displaying the original date of the 24th.


We’ve pinged Sony for an official comment, as we know lots of people had the day booked off in anticipation of the big event, if we get anything back we’ll update this post either way for confirmation.

A mid-week release date is rare, especially in the UK, so we’re half expecting our localised date to slip too, although a last minute delay of just two days is hardly going to ruin everyone’s week, right?

[Update] Is the date changing at all? According to Kotaku, Sony are claiming “We’ve announced the date as the 24th and have not changed that at all.” Let’s just say: “Gran Turismo will be out before December,” and leave it at that. [Thanks Timur]

Via N4G (with links to other PlayStation sites) and M2G.



  1. Just seen this tweet from PlayStation EU blog account.

    A week from now, we’ll be playing #granturismo 5. Tell me: which car is making your accelerator foot twitchy?

    Surely they wouldn’t post that if the game was going to be delayed. Perhaps the regional sites have the date wrong, wouldn’t be the first time would it. Didn’t Sony confirm after the announcement this was a global date? So far i have only seen an official announcement stating a different date for Oz.

    • The delay could be nothing to do with Sony and just be down to regional areas sticking to the ususal friday releases?

  2. Well, the German site has changed it back to 24th now.

    Go figure.
    Maybe we should just trust Kaz when he said it would be the 24th. :-)

  3. Sony I have had this on pre-order for over 2 years.
    I am sick of waiting if I don’t get it on Wednesday
    I will cancel it
    end off
    and it is probably going to be rubbish compaired to Forza

    • For the sake of 2 days? Also, who do you think will care if you cancel it?

    • If it was a month or I could understand, but not for a couple of days.
      It will be a lot better than Forza.

    • Really makes you proud to be a PS3 owner, eh guys?

    • You’ve had it on pre-order for 2 years and your going to cancel it over the sake of a 2 day, possible, delay! You joking right …… he’s joking isn’t he?

      • Out of Qriosity (aha!) are you from the UK?

    • seems like somebody created an account to wind up the masses, especialy with the forza quip……

  4. I will be annoyed if it does slip, even by two days, because I have the day booked off and am out that weekend. But really, I can reschedule my day off and a few days of not playing it is not exactly serious. I treasure my sense of perspective, it seems to be a rare thing!

  5. I’ll be interested to see if there’s a GT5 ad at half time in the England match tonight.

    Can put your money on an Assassins creed and Kinect one, but it’s a great opportunity to get a GT5 ad out there. Sony really need to advertise it well, not everyone who’ll buy GT5 will be aware it’s releasing so soon.

    • I agree, the release date was just recently announced, there’s bound to be people not knowing about it yet. Proper advertising of it could definitely boost sales I think, and GT5 so deserves it.

      • GT5 doesn’t need the advertising to be honest. We’ve heard about it for the last five years.

      • Of course it doesn’t need advertising to us, but we do not represent the majority of the public when it comes to awareness of gaming news

      • You’d be surprised how much it would benefit from mainstream ads.

        The depth of the GT fanbase extends far beyond those that actively seek gaming news, and with the sudden release date it will escape a lot of potential buyers.

    • Now that I think about it. I haven’t seen a single ad for GT5 at all in Germany…

  6. GT5 is one of only a few games in history that will be worth the wait that we have had.

  7. This is so funny.

  8. That “Dutch” link, links to the Danish PlayStation site

    • So the Dutch one isn’t delayed I think?

  9. I like how that none of the staff wanted to take credit for this article.:P ( i don’t blame them). And GT5 better have a midnight relaese on 24th november as COD and Halo had them.

  10. Haha, it wouldn’t be right to not have another delay now, would it?

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