Killzone 3 Beta For All PS+ Members

Previously requiring the moons of Saturn to be in perfect alignment, a PlayStation+ PSN account and the month to have a “v” in its name, James Thorpe has posted over on the official PlayStation blog declaring a free-for-all for every Plusite not already getting their Helghast on in the Killzone 3 beta.


That’s right; no vouchers, no codes, no begging. Just go to the PS+ section on the store and download away. It is stated that this offer is only available “for a limited time,” however. So, jump to it, soldier.

Other PlayStation Plus Mid-November treats include:

  • 20% day one discount on the downloadable version of Red Faction: Guerrilla. There’s also a one hour full game trial available.
  • Mid-month, 20% off Crazy Taxi will also be available.
  • Buy one mini, get the other free. Titles include Monsters ‘Monsters (probably) Stole My Princess‘ and ‘Who’s That Flying?!’ (Review here)
  • Finally, a “totally exclusive” dynamic theme for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II is on offer.

Source: Official EU PlayStation blog



  1. “Review here”.. Where, where?! I don’t see it!! ;)

    Looking forward to a Killzone 3 Beta review something. ^^

    • Click the link.

    • Oehhh! Damn you! It wasn’t there before!

    • Prove it.

      • Good thing I create a backup of the internet every 5 minutes on my usb flash drive. Grandfather – father – son style. :D

  2. wish I had a PS3 :( also you’ve wrote tar wars instead of star wars

  3. “tar Wars” hey?

  4. while its great they are letting more people into it. It’s not so great that they will not allow non plus subscribers into it. Oh well, I’m not paying for something that should be free.

    • why the effing orvile the effing duck should it be free? You know those speedy boarding passes you get for planes? Where you pay to go first?

      Get the effing idea???!

      • Remember when we didn’t have P+ ? Thats when it was free, and why the more people sign up to pay for things like this, the less and less everyone will get stuff free. Before P+ this would of been free.

        The reason I am not signing up, because the more mugs that do, the more chance things like this will go to those who think they need to pay for it.
        I don’t need to pay for speedy boarding, it doesn’t get you a better seat, you just pay for it to get a seat quicky, but in the meantime all you get is to sit in your seat for longer. Therefore you are paying to get it quicker/cheaper whatever.

        Absolutely pointless.

      • No before PS+ the Beta were first come first served you had to apply for them on a game basis,s or be an official beta tesyer. Its not like everyone got them. Nothing has changed except those who splash the cash get extra goodies.

      • No that’s completely wrong. You still had to buy betas before PS+ came along. For KZ2, for example, the beta was only available to Qore subscribers. UC2 was only given to you if you bought inFamous from certain retailers. Halo 3’s was bundled with Crackdown…

        Paying for the privilege is nothing new to console betas.

      • Utter bollocks. The LBP Beta was for anyone who applied for a start. The others you mentioned you didnt “Buy” the beta. you bought a game and got it as an incentive, you did NOT pay a $45 for Beta access and got a free game.

        Anyway you are mistaking “Beta” for “Demo” – all those you mentioned were promotions and effectively demos.

    • It’s a beta not a demo.

      • they are just testing the server load I thought?

      • @bilbo… agree… too bad everyone cannot take part in the beta…

      • nope, they are taking feedback and stuff not just testing server load

  5. I’ve got too much on my plate to play in the Killzone 3 beta. Hopefully it will be available to everyone a month or so before launch.

  6. Does anyone know if the beta is in 3D as well? I’m guessing not but though I’d just ask anyway.

  7. Woo, maybe all of the matches won’t be so one-sided now. Every game I join is like 3 v 8, so frustrating.

    • Really? I was playing it last night and every game I was in was full.

    • Thats one of the reasons that i haven’t been playing it for ages. I’ve just found the games so unbalanced. I joined a game 8v1 where i was the 1. Totally kicked arse though as everyone was spawn camping so i just sprayed a LMG repeatedly and killed them all.

  8. Cool for PS+ people!

  9. Played the beta for the first time last night, at first I wasn’t sure about it. However once I played a few matches and got into it, I had a blast.

    Wanted to play it for longer, but i’m also trying to get AC2 finished, before I start Brotherhood (which has probably came in the post today).

  10. Dammit i misread it – i thought this was an invite to kill all PS+ members.. ;)

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